What is Direct Mail?

How to Address a Postcard

How Do You Plan a Direct Mail Project?

Why Does Marketing Matter?

3 Creative Ways Businesses Can Use Direct Mail Postcards

How to Write a Great Fundraising Letter

What is Offset Printing—And Why Does It Matter for Mailing?

Understanding How to Use Large Format Printing in Mailing

4 Favorite Creative Print Marketing Examples

How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Postcard?

Coming to Terms With Mailing Terms: What is a Self Mailer?

Coming to Terms With Mailing Terms: What’s Bulk Mail?

Short Is Sweet: Why Saying Less Sometimes Converts More

How to Use Direct Mail for Restaurant Marketing

How Do Mailing Lists Work?

What Direct Mail Services Can Your Businesses Access?

What is Direct Marketing?

TV Isn’t The Only Place Political Differences Are Being Aired

4 Direct Mail Tips to Get a Higher ROI

How Personalized Can You Get with Direct Mail?

What is Direct Mail Strategy?

What is Direct Mail Geo-Targeting?

3 Ways to Increase Direct Mail Results

3 Ways to Measure Your Direct Mail Campaign

If Direct Mail Doesn’t Work, Why Are Major Companies Are Still Using It?

How to Tell if Your New Mailing List is Responsive

How Do You Know if Your Mailing is Working?

How Much Copy Should Your Postcard Have?

A Look at a Great Postcard Mailer that Doesn't Sell Anything

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Direct Mail: Why an Old School Approach Still Works in an Online Age

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Direct Mail Ideas for All the Senses

Nonprofit Mailings: Stories Still Resonate

10 Great Free Tools, Fonts and Tricks for Direct Mail Design

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I Threw This Mailer Away 10 Times ... Before I Read It

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Direct Mail Strategy: When Less is More

Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising Success

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4 Times When Direct Mail Might Not Be for You

Unique and Creative Direct Mail Ideas for Various Industries

Top 4 Benefits of Direct Mail (and How to Make Them Even Better!)

Why Saving Money on Direct Mail is a Waste of Money

5 Trends in Direct Mail

Solving Two Big Direct Mail Challenges with One Small Stroke

How Much Will Your Direct Mail Campaign Cost?

Direct Mail March Madness: What If Your Prospects Aren’t Fans?

Shock Value: How Provocative Direct Mail Can (and Does) Work

Direct Mail: Tell Your Prospects Where to Put It!

Honesty is Critical for Direct Mail Success

Direct Mail Is Intrusive! (Is That Good or Bad?)

Oldies but Goodies: Direct Mail Strategies That Have Stood the Test of Time

Technology and the 40/40/20 Rule of Direct Mail Marketing

Does Direct Mail Fit in an Inbound Marketing World?

Setting Expectations for Your Direct Mail Efforts

Preparing Teams for Direct Mail Success

7 Big Name Companies That Still Use Direct Mail

Winners and Losers: Favorite Direct Mail Pieces from 2015

Direct Mail Frequency: It Takes More Than One Piece

Repeat Touches to Reach Customers

Free Consultations: Why Giving Away Expertise Helps Conversions

Don’t Just Do Direct Mail Different—Do It Better

Sales Speak: Buzzwords to Avoid

How Free Trials Can Help Direct Mail Marketing

Creating Catalogs: When Your Direct Mail Includes Product Guides

14 Ways to Make Direct Mail Eco-Friendly

Is 2016 The Year to Try Something New With Your Direct Mail Strategy?

8 Print Media Mistakes to Avoid

How Much Is Too Much? Does Your Direct Marketing Tell Too Much?

Direct Mail and Mobile: They Can Be a Marriage Made in Heaven!

Content or Presentation: What’s More Important for Direct Marketing Today?

Valentine's Day Direct Mail Your Prospects Will Love

Real or Not Real? Who Are You Talking To?

Building Your Ideal Customer Profile for Direct Mail Using Information You Already Have

When Twitter and Direct Mail Work Well Together

13 Questions for Producing Direct Mail Campaigns in 2016

Direct Mail and Your Website: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

Direct Mail and Kids: How to Engage the PlayStation Generation

Keeping it Real: How Direct Mail Helps You Connect

Direct Mail Today: When Smaller Is Bigger

Beyond Flyers: Creative Direct Mail Ideas

Calls to Action Aren’t What They Used to Be

Make Direct Mail Boost Your Referral Program

Direct Mail Success: Are Your Efforts Paying Off?

How to Track Direct Mail Success

Marketing Today: The Difference Between Showing Off and Establishing Yourself as an Expert

5 Ways to Fail at Direct Mail

Marketing and Nailing Jell-O to a Tree

How to Measure the Success of Your Holiday Direct Mail Campaign

It's All in Your Head: NLP and Direct Mail Campaigns

Consistency is Key: Matching Your Direct Mail Campaign to Your Brand

Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Can’t We Just All Get Along?

It’s all in the Database: List Maintenance Best Practices

Integration Isn’t All About Technology

The Psychology of Color: How Your Color Choices Impact Sales

Keys to Marketing Success: The Things That Never Change

Sorry! How to Recover When You've Made a Massive Marketing Mistake

Print Marketing: When Old Becomes New Again

Planning and Executing a B2B Direct Mail Campaign

Writing for Print Marketing vs. Writing for Digital Marketing

Success Stories: Using Direct Mail to Sell New Homes

4 Simple Questions That Can Show You If Your Mailing Will Succeed or Flop

How Small Businesses Can Optimize Direct Mail Open Rates

Stocks, Fitness, and Marketing: Not Such Strange Bedfellows

4 Secrets to Direct Mail Success for Small Businesses

Keys to Marketing Success: Transparency

5 Reasons to Still Use Direct Mail

First Impressions Count: Make Your Direct Mail Grab (the Right) Attention

A Vine of the Times? Using Direct Mail to Break Through to Audiences Who Have Cut Themselves Off

Increase Your Direct Mail ROI with the Right Timing Tactics

Marketing Today: When Your Promotion Doesn’t Fit Your Persona

How to Use NFC Technology to Enhance Direct Mail

5 Rules for Effective Direct Mail Design

Marketing Integration: Designing a Successful Landing Page

5 Secrets to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Intentional Marketing: Why Are You Doing All These Marketing Activities?

Marketing to Millennials: Does Direct Mail Work in This Market?

Meeting Your Biggest Direct Mail Challenges

Direct Mail for Nonprofits: Identifying Customer Segments

How to Ethically Create a Direct Mail Mailing List for Your Business

Defining Your Ideal Customer—With a Persona

5 Steps to Putting Together a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

4 Reasons to Choose Direct Mail (Instead of Email)

Keeping Your Emails Out of the Trash

4 Ways to Make Direct Mail Engage Your Target Market

Mix-n-Match: Using Direct Mail and Digital Marketing to Reach the Audience

4 Direct Mail Tactics to Avoid like the Plague

How to Use Direct Mail Effectively for Nonprofit Fundraising

How to Analyze and Measure Your Direct Mail Campaign Results

4 Components of a Strong Direct Mail Campaign (No, It Isn’t Rocket Science!)

10 Advantages of a Well-Crafted Direct Mail Campaign

Great Testimonials: A Direct Mail “Trick” That’s Not Really Tricky

Why Direct Mail Gimmicks Really Don’t Work

Something Old, Something New . . .

4 Things Every Direct Mailing Must Do

Is It OK for Mailings to Be Urgent?

Integrating Your Direct Mail Efforts with Landing Pages

Direct Marketing Today: Does Your Direct Mail Treat Everyone the Same?

Direct Mail: Often Imitated—Never Duplicated

How to Develop a Successful Direct Mail Lead Generation Strategy

Reasons to Make Direct Mail Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Structuring a Direct Mail Offer that WORKS

Getting the Right Message Across with Your Direct Mail Design

3 Reasons Direct Mail is On The Rise in Real Estate

Keeping Your Branding Consistent Across Your Direct Mail Marketing

3 Ways to Optimize your Direct Mail Campaigns

Why Direct Mail Keeps On Going

Integrating Marketing Channels for Non-Profits

Direct Mail and Your Business: Do You Really Need a Program?

Choosing Your Words Wisely: “Why Choose Two When One Will Do?”

Integrating Direct Mail with Facebook for Premium Results

Whatever Happened to First Class Mail? We Expose the Truth

How Hyper-Local is Giving Direct Mail a New Lease on Life

Creating a Flawless Flow from Direct Mail to Email

What You’re Missing By Not Integrating Email in Your Direct Marketing

How Grant’s Whiskey's "Ho-Hum" Campaign Became a "High Five" One

Making "Member-Get-a-Member" (MGM) Work for Direct Mail

6 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes Businesses Make

What’s Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

With Direct Mail First Impressions Matter

Promises, Promises . . . How Making a Promise Can Get Someone to Read Your Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing: Choosing Clear Over Clever Every Time

Forget Email Newsletters: Catalogs are Back on Trend

Finding the Right Font for Your Direct Mail Campaign

How to Choose Colors that Work Best in Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing: What Makes Marketing “Direct”—and Why Does It Matter?

Innovation - the Centerpiece of Your Direct Mail Strategy

How Charities Can Make Direct Mail Campaigns Successful

6 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still Making a Killing

Top 2015 Trends in Direct Mail Design

What Does the Future Hold for Direct Mail?

“Give Me Just a Little More Time”: One Reason Direct Mail Still Works

Taking the Next Step: What Comes After Your Direct Marketing Campaign?

What Does “Creative” Really Mean When It Comes to Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Ideas: The FAQ Campaign

How Good Does Your Direct Mail Need to Be?

The 3 Questions Your Direct Mail Marketing HAS to Answer

How Restaurants Can Use Direct Mail to Their Advantage

Ways to Choose the Right Envelopes for Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Frequency: How Often Should You Send Out/Follow Up a Campaign?

How to Make Direct Mail Work for B2B Markets

How IKEA Successfully Integrated Its Direct Mail with Digital Channels

How the Financial Services Industry Uses Direct Mail to Reach Consumers

Is a Direct Mail Campaign a Cost or an Investment?

Direct Marketing for Non-Profits: Why You Shouldn’t Worry If Your Target Base is “Mature”

Give Me One Good Reason to Open This Envelope!

Weighing Direct Mail Success (A Long-Term View)

Direct Marketing Integration: Recognizing Strengths & Limitations of Different Tools

Why Doing Direct Mail Isn’t Like Cutting the Grass

How Direct Mail Helps Your Spring Retail Marketing

Tips for Successful March Marketing

Just for Bookworms: The Book Business and Direct Mail

How to Test Your Direct Mail Campaign

Long or Short Copy: What Works Best for Direct Mail?

Rocking the Mailbox: 9 Steps to a Direct Mail Design That Performs

How to Write Great Direct Mail Content

Determining Your Target Market in Direct Mail

4 Ways to Ensure Quality Control of Your Direct Mail Campaign

How To Write a Want Ad For a Marketing Specialist

Back to the Future: What's in Store for Direct Mail in 2015 and Beyond?

Pros And Cons Of Hiring an Employee vs an Agency

Do I Have a Marketing Problem Or a Business Problem?

Tried and Tested: 4 Reasons Direct Mail is the Most Reliable Way to Reach the Over 50s

What Does HubSpot Tell My Sales Team About Leads?

Clip, Clip – Do Coupons Have a Future in Direct Marketing in 2015?

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing (and How That Should Affect Direct Mail)

Why Your Direct Mailings Won’t Work On Their Own

CRM - The Icing On Your Direct Mail Cake

Are You Mailing to a Trash Can? Avoid These 3 Missteps That Will Cause Your Mail to End Up in the Garbage

Direct Marketing: Planning for the New Year

5 Reasons People Open Their Mail

What’s the Recipe? Ingredients of a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign

How to Increase Your Response Rates with a Microsite

Direct Mail for Non-Profits: It’s Not About Being Cool

Learning from the Past: Lessons to Take from the Past Year

Direct Mail: New Year’s Mistakes

Marketing Today: Do You Really Have to Decide Between Approaches?

Getting the Timing Right: How Far in Advance Should You Plan Your Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct Mail Marketing: RSVP

Direct Mail Marketing: Are You Drinking Your Own Kool-Aid?

Email and Direct Mail Marketing: A “Tag Team” Approach to Marketing

A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Timeline Dissected

Planning Ahead for Direct Mail Success

How Direct Mail Can Help Re-Establish Personal Relationships with Your Customers

Hot This Holiday Season: Direct Marketing the Mobile Way

Why Responsible Email List Generation Matters

4 Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Direct Marketing Data

How to Deploy a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Is Your Direct Mail Sinking in a Social Media-Driven World?

Direct Mail Secrets: What’s the Best List for Your Mailing?

Direct Mail Success: When Does Personalization Get Too Personal?

Direct Mail That Really Delivers

Why Saving Money on Direct Mail Design Can Cost You Big Time

3 Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

3 Reasons Direct Mail Still Matters in an Online Age

How to Integrate Your Direct Marketing and Social Media

Solidify Your Brand with Direct Mail Marketing

8 Ways to Hook Readers into Reading Your Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing to Millennials

Marrying Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Wearing Your Heart on Your Envelope: Emotion and Direct Mail

Why Taking Risks is Important for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

8 Copywriting Tips that Make the World of Difference to Your Direct Mail Response Rate

Why Less is More in Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Marketing and the Legend of “White Fang”

Direct Mail Marketing: Treat Every Mailing as a Significant Learning Opportunity

How the USPS Squabbles Could Affect Your Direct Mail (and what to do about it NOW)

Direct Mail Success: Creating STRATEGIC Content

Best Direct Mail Practices for Locating Your Target Audience

Direct Mail Over Digital: Why the Classic Approach Still Works

How to Be SMART with Your Direct Mail Marketing Goals

4 Novel Ways to Personalize a Direct Mail Campaign

Good Things Do Come in Small Packages: Using Small Mailers to Attract Attention

5 Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Using Thought Leadership in Direct Mail Marketing

Useful Direct Mailers That Will Get Your Company Noticed

Why I Love Direct Mail—and 3 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

Direct Mail Today: Will People Even Read It?

Stuck On You: Why Direct Mail Sticks Around

What Makes a Great Direct Mail Letter?

Direct Mail and 4 Falsehoods About Modern Marketing

DIY Direct Mail Marketing? Comparing Every Door Direct Mail and Carrier Route Mail

3 Things to Avoid in a Direct Mailer

What Your Font Says About Your Direct Mailer

Using Precanceled Stamps on Your Direct Mailer

The Important Role of Creative In Your Direct Mail Efforts

The Role of Data in Direct Marketing

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation! It’s All about the Direct Mail Packaging

Belling The Cat and Why Direct Mail Still Matters in an Online Age

Are You Tiring Your Customers Out? Direct Mail Fatigue and Other Challenges

Why Integrating Your Marketing Efforts Is Important

4 Top Direct Mail Print Sizes: Which is Best for You?

Opening a New Business and the Power of Direct Mail Marketing

Help! It’s Not Working - How to Track Your Direct Marketing Campaign Results

When “TMI” Kills Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Don’t Muddy the Waters! Present a Clear Message in Your Direct Marketing

7 Steps to Direct Mail Success

How to Market a New Product with Direct Mail Marketing

Getting Over a Sales Slump with Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail: The Importance of Measuring Results

Are Novelty Direct Mail Campaigns Worth Their Salt?

Every Door Direct Mail: How Does This Thing Work?

Should Your Direct Mail Scream?

The Difference Between Direct Mail and Mass Mail (and Why it Matters)

5 Ways to Encourage Long-Term Customer Loyalty via Direct Mail

6 Reasons Your Direct Marketing Strategy Should Include Coupons

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Customers: Visuals for Direct Mail

Direct Mail Today: The Lost Art of the Ask

AMSP Annual Conference 2014 Takeaways

6 Tips for Controlling Direct Mail Costs

What Can You Expect Direct Mail to Do?

How Much Does Every Door Direct Mail Cost?

4 Things to Consider When You Build a Direct Mail List

When to use a QR Code on Direct Mail

Solving the Riddles: 3 Misconceptions About Direct Mail Production

4 Things To Do Before Executing a Direct Mail Campaign

Brand Awareness and Direct Mail: Together

Don't Forget The Direct Mail CTA!

All Hail the Mighty Direct Mail Testimonial!

Direct Mail Success: Re-thinking the 40-40-20 Rule

How To Make Images Work In Your Direct Mailing Campaign

SEO in the Aftermath of Keyword Density

New Service From the USPS! (But is it Right for You?)

Direct Mail Tales: The Sad Story of King Customer

4 Critical Components of a Direct Marketing Strategy

Direct Mail Success: Why Integration is Important

Are Little White Lies Acceptable in Direct Marketing?

Does Your Direct Mail Deliver?

Four Major Direct Mail Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do “Junk Mail”: 3 Ways to Keep the “Junk” Out of Your Mail

What Is Every Door Direct Mail (and Why Should You Care)?

Effective Color Usage in Direct Mail Marketing

The Power of Handwritten Notes in Marketing

Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood Marketing

Using Cartoons in Direct Mail Marketing

How Big Does My Direct Mailing Have to Be to Be Effective?

4 Methods Direct Mail Can Integrate with Other Forms of Marketing

5 Ways of Mixing Direct Mail with Mobile for Marketing Purposes

How To Maximize the Leads from Your Direct Mail Campaign

Are You Rolling the Dice on Marketing Success?

5 Lessons from the Greatest Direct Mail Campaigns Ever

When It’s OK to Point Your Customers to Someone Else

Alive and Kicking: Analyzing the Numbers Behind Direct Mail

Adapting Your SEO Strategy To Evolving Search Patterns


Marketing Mobilely – Using Apps As Content

Contribution Marketing – Spreading Your Message By Making a Difference

3 Common Social Media Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The Science Of Sharing – The Psychology Behind Social Media Buzz

How To Align Your Content Marketing Strategy To the Buying Cycle

Think Globally, Market Locally – Targeting Customers In Your Area

Dishonest Social Media – Why Buying Clicks And Followers Isn’t the Way To Go

Why Small Businesses Need Direct Mail Marketing

The Most Effective Direct Mail Strategies

Mobile Optimization And Google Rankings

How Direct Mail Beats Out Online Marketing

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Using Messaging Apps For Marketing

4 Ways To Make Content Marketing More Competitive In 2014

Web Marketing? Building a Great Website Just Isn’t Enough

Weathering Social Media Storms – And Dancing In the Rain

Great! You Got Someone To Your Website. Now What?

How Can You Build an Effective Marketing Plan?

EMAIL: The Ever-Changing Tool That Won’t Go Away

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