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63 Content Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Website Fresh and Interesting

Sometimes you just can’t muster up any fresh ideas for content. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ve run out of opportunities. You simply need something to ignite the content fire. And that’s what we’re here to do today. 

This list of 63 content marketing ideas will boost your imagination, spark creativity and inspire your next successful project. Bookmark it and refer back for anytime you need some fresh inspiration. 

1. Invest in Quality Over Quantity

The internet gets flooded with content each and every day. This can make marketers panic and feel like they need to publish as much as possible. 

But if you feel yourself running out of ideas, perhaps you need to cut back on content

Derek Halpern says,

“The secret to building a blog with a raving fan base that’s ready to buy what you sell has nothing to do with how much content you create.

It, instead, has to do with how good you are at getting your content into the hands of more people.”


Strategize a way to publish less content while reaching more of your ideal audience. 

2. Get to Know Your Buyer Personas

When you understand the inner desires, conflicts and challenges of your customer, you know how to reach them on a deeper level. Great buyer personas make this happen.

“A persona is a representation of your target customer. It’s a picture you paint based on research and interviews with actual customers. A persona goes beyond basic demographics to include the intangible elements that makes a person tick.”

– The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Personas, Smartbug Media


How can you use buyer personas to build a stronger relationship with your customers? 

3. Find New Sources for High Quality Images 

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, when you feel stuck for content, spend some time investing in your visual efforts. 

These 10 resources provide free images that you can use in your content marketing. Let the libraries spark your imagination. 

And if you still feel stuck, read Buffer’s 53+ Free Image Sources for Your Blog and Social Media Posts.

4. Compile a Post Full of Industry Research 

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely read a handful of Buffer posts in the past. Why? Because the research-heavy blog always provides insightful information. 

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of a few of their recent titles.

What type of research can you compile to make an epic blog post? 

5. Write a List With 100+ Items

People love mega posts. 

It’s a resource haven, full of golden nuggets of knowledge.

For inspiration, look at Portent’s post: How to Create a Content Strategy (In Only 652 Steps). 

It’s been shared thousands of times for a reason. 

What kind of ultimate list could you put together for your industry? 

6. Respond to a Video or Blog Post 

Have you ever read a blog and felt your mind whirling with opinions, feedback and/or constructive criticism? You just needed to share your view with the world, but a comment didn’t seem like enough (or worse, the blog didn’t include that functionality). 

What should you do?

Write a response to the blog or video. 

If you use this idea, remember to always approach any controversial topic in a gracious, professional manner. 

Want to get started? Go read through the archives on your favorite blog and write a response. 

7. Predict Trends in Your Industry 

If you have some unique ideas on what will happen in your industry, then consolidate those thoughts into a strong content piece. 

Need inspiration for this content marketing idea? These articles show creative ways that different industries use trend predictions: 

What trends can you predict for this year? 

8. Convert Old Posts Into Slideshows 

Slideshows serve as a quick, easy way to digest information. That’s why professionals use them in sales meetings. And it’s why more and more B2B marketers are using them to share their message. 

And you can too. 

The popular project management system, Wrike, publishes content onto One of their recent slide decks got several thousand views.


Do you have old content you can convert into a slideshow? 

9. Create a Decision Guide for Your Audience 

Content marketing should serve your audience’s needs at all steps in the buying process. People don’t like making decisions, especially before they feel ready. 

That’s where a decision guide comes into play. 

Consider these examples of great decision guides in different industries:

Would your audience appreciate guidance in the decision-making process? 

10. Test Pop-Up Offers to Increase Conversion Rate 

Who loves pop ups? 

If you asked a room full of people that question, few (if any) would raise their hand. But it doesn’t mean that they won’t put their email address in the box if you provide a compelling offer. 

WPBeginner saw a 600% increase in subscribers when they implemented an exit-intent popup onto single posts pages of the website. They went from 70-80 new subscribers per day to 400+. This increase promoted their content marketing endeavors in a whole new way. 

But these results only came by a willingness to test. 

How can your brand test different things, like pop-up offers, and increase the overall effectiveness of your efforts? 

11. Find New Keywords for Your Posts 

To find new keywords, you’ll need a strong research tool. 

For example, if you want to rank for “content marketing,” but need some inspiration on other word variations, a quick search in SEMrush would turn up the following results:


How could new keywords help you optimize posts and propel your content marketing?

12. Interview a Customer & Feature Their Story 

You essentially want to create a miniature case study that speaks to the impact your product/service had on your customer. Once you have the interview, package it into a blog post and publish it for your readers. 

To make the most of the interview, use these guiding questions: 

  • How has our product/service impacted your day-to-day life?
  • Have you seen any quantifiable results since using our product/service?
  • What would you say to readers that haven’t yet made the decision? 

What customer could you reach out to that has great results to share? 

13. Create an Infographic on a Hot Topic

When was the last time you gathered data and created a visual representation of it for your audience? If your answer is never, then it’s time to invest in infographics. 

Kissmetrics serves as a prime example for this strategy. Check out their infographic library. 

You can use this form of marketing even if you don’t have strong design chops. The follow resources will help you create awesome graphics: 

How can you use infographics in your content marketing?

14. Write a Followup for Your Top 3 Posts 

Use Google Analytics to uncover the top three posts on your blog. Because they’re the top three, you know they resonate with your audience. 

Take those posts and write a follow-up (or “Part 2”) to the original post. Go a step further by placing a link to the new article on the original post and funnel traffic from the popular posts to the follow-ups.. 

15. Turn Influencers Into Partners 

If you want to use content marketing to change a reader into a buyer, what do you do? 

  • Conduct market research
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Write content with them in mind 

The same holds true with influencers. If you want to connect with them and forge partnerships, you need to treat them like any other part of your content marketing strategy. Do your research, create the buyer persona and craft powerful content for them. 

Which influencers would you love to impact through content? 

16. Have Influencers Answer a Question for a Post 

Reach out to influencers and ask questions about the topic of your post. 

Not only does it give you the valuable opportunity of making a connection, but it also provides social proof by connecting your work to the influencer. 

Come up with questions you need answered, then find the influencers to answer them. 

If one influencer doesn’t respond, create a contingency plan with another one. 

17. Incite Audience Participation 

Build a platform for user-generated content. 

These types of content marketing initiatives provide tons of insight into the type of content your audience really wants. How? They create it! 

American Express nailed this idea with the OPEN Forum.


How can you incorporate user-generated content into your strategy?

18. Use Social Listening to Your Advantage 

Feel drained of content marketing ideas? 

Use social listening to ignite new ideas for content. You can monitor trends, competitors and your audience. It can reveal popular topics and stir up new ideas for content. 

Tools like Hootsuite help you monitor this process on one, easy-to-use dashboard.


What new competitors, keywords or audience members could you add to a social listening dashboard? 

19. Jot Down Ideas as They Come to You 

Every content developer needs a place to capture ideas as they come. 

Use a combination of the following for a well-rounded idea-capture system: 

  • Moleskine Notebook
  • Evernote w/ an “idea” tag
  • The “Notes” section of your smartphone
  • A spreadsheet on Google Drive
  • The back of your hand 

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you capture it, just that you do. Why? Because you will forget it if you don’t write it down. 

How can you kick your idea capturing strategy up a notch?

20. Develop a Reddit Addiction 

Disclaimer: The writer of this article and the publishers thereof are not responsible for any missed deadlines, late projects or insomnia that may occur from a Reddit addiction. 

The Reddit community features bright, creative people that influence the virality of content in a way many don’t understand. If you want to stay ahead of trends, join an amazing community, get ideas for brilliant content, and spend some time here. 

To learn more about the power of Reddit, check out Clare McDermott’s article on Content Marketing Institute. 

Which subreddits could your brand use to get ahead of the game?

21. Join Private Facebook Groups 

Great communities drive content marketing.

Social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn have groups about specific industries in an effort to provide immense value. When you find these gold nuggets, get involved. 

You’ll build relationships with people that happily give constructive feedback. And if you do an amazing job, what better way to spread your content than through people you’ve developed a relationship with? 

Which type of Facebook groups could help you generate more content marketing ideas and propel your current efforts forward? 

22. Create Landing Pages Based on Content Categories

Topic pages gather all your articles on a specific topic into one place. They guide new and established audience members into deeper knowledge in a given area. 

Content Marketing Institute does this well. Their How-To Guides acquaint readers with what the brand offers on each topic. 

These guides don’t require a lot of extra work, because you’ve already done the hard part: creating the initial content. 

Which topics would your users need as a consolidated resource? 

23. Write a Landmark Article 

Every industry needs articles that serve as the foundation of all other articles on that topic. It’s the landmark that all others look to during research. 

Create a landmark article and you’ll skyrocket your industry authority. 

Neil Patel did this with several marketing topics:


Brainstorm a list of topics you could use as a landmark article.

24. Start Curating Content 

People consume content at an alarming rate. 

Leverage that knowledge to build a following of passionate people that want content about your industry. People like Guy Kawasaki built massive audiences by curating other people’s content. 

How? Because you give selflessly when you curate other people’s content. 

Curation can happen through blogging, email or social media. 

What topics could you curate that would reach your audience? 

25. Find Industry Questions Using Quora 

Do you want to set yourself apart as an influencer? Then you need to answer questions, provide insight and give of yourself. 

When it comes to content, find the places people go for help: 

  • Subreddits
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Groups
  • Niche Forums
  • Twitter
  • Quora 

Identify topics in which you have expert knowledge. Then start answering questions and offering guidance. 

26. Compile a Top-10 Resource List

List posts rule. 

You can even find entire websites devoted to publishing lists. 

This type of resource works well because it brings a lot of value in a short time. Just ten things. Not too many, not too few. 

As Goldilocks would say, “It’s just right.” 

What tools, tips or topics could you use to craft a Top-10 post this month? 

27. Create a Post Featuring an Innovative “Hack” 

Everyone wants an easier life. 

And that’s why “hack”-style posts perform so well. For example, how many times have you seen viral posts like 10 Life Hacks to Make Your Life 100x Easier. 

Chances are, it was so compelling that you even clicked it. 

If you can find hacks, you’ll win the content game.

What hacks could you share with your audience? 

28. Develop User-Focused Content Strategies 

A user-centered content strategy answers three main questions: 

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they need?
  • What do they want? 

Service businesses should take particular note of this approach. Many want to write about things that interest them, but often neglect whether it would interest their audience. 

For example, a marketing agency may write a blog full of trends and developments in the industry. And while that will reach other marketers, it won’t resonate with the small business owner that they need to reach. 

How could you adjust your strategy to become more user-focused? 

29. Curate Social Media Discussions Into a Post

Social media gives an amazing platform for discussion. But social media moves at a rapid rate and the discussions can get lost quickly. 

The solution? Embed the conversations directly into a blog post. 

See how they do this with #contentchat. 

You can use a tool like Storify to curate these stories into one place. 

Do you have any recent conversations that could become a informative blog post? 

30. Write an Informative Download to Build Email List 

Create guides, checklists and eBooks to give away for free on your website. Place a form on a landing page and require readers to give their email address in exchange for the content. 

Although this seems like a basic content marketing idea, many overlook it in their strategy. But it can do wonders for building your business. 

For example, take a look at the Hubspot Marketing Library, which features hundreds of downloads.


How can you incorporate lead magnets into your strategy?

31. Make a Beginner’s Guide 

A beginner’s guide teaches people when they need it most: in the beginning. 

Most industries can incorporate this type of content into their strategy. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, which means everyone needs a beginner’s guide. took this content marketing idea for their fitness blog. The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner’s Guide to Fitness walks readers through a series of lessons.


What basic topics could you transform into an educational beginner’s guide?

32. Use a Popular Movie and Correlate it to Your Niche 

People love movies.

And when you connect popular movies to your article, people love your article. does a good job in their article The ‘Fight Club’ Guide to Hard-Hitting Headlines.


Can you connect a hot topic in your industry to a popular piece of pop culture?

33. Create a Post Based on Blog Comments 

Have your readers requested a post about a specific topic? Have several different people asked the same question? These triggers indicate a demand for original content. 

Address the questions or comments in a full-blown blog post. 

It works great because it speaks directly to the needs and questions of your audience. 

Do you have any recent comments that could become a blog post? 

34. Review Books Relevant to Your Audience 

Your audience members lead busy lives. And they probably don’t read as much as they’d like. 

Why not help them out with the process by reading the books for them? Once you finish, you can give insight, clips and highlights of what they need to know. 

You don’t need to do a traditional book review, either. Dan Schwabel did a type of review in his article, 14 Memorable Quotes from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. 

Which books would your audience appreciate knowing more about without having to actually read it?

35. Compile a List of Inspirational Quotes 

Inspirational quotes are the best. 

Reach out to influencers, curate from other sources and create a post of inspirational quotes to share. Your audience will love the research you did to publish such a motivational article. 

What topics could you use to motivate and inspire your audience through quotes? 

36. Curate a List of the Top Posts in Your Industry 

An expert roundup post is a way for you to show some love to people that have inspired you to continue down this path. 

Curate a list of hot topics in your industry and publish them to your blog. 

For a more detailed look at this process, read Boost Blog Traffic’s The Ultimate Guide to Creating Expert Roundups That Get 1000s of Shares

Which expert posts could you feature in a blog? 

37. Get More Involved With Video 

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. 

But in addition to that statistic, the industry is pulling consumers into more and more video consumption, and the popularity of video apps like Vine and Meerkat backup this trend. 

Whether you want a highly professional YouTube channel or engaging live stream, one thing is sure: you need to get into video. 

What topic could you make a video about today? 

38. Make Pinterest-Worthy Images for Your Top Blog Posts 

We all know Pinterest is a traffic gold mine. But are you using it to its fullest potential? Probably not. 

And you’re missing out. Because when done right, Pinterest can drive traffic much longer than other social networks.

Buzzfeed nails it with Pinterest

“Pinterest is BuzzFeed’s second largest social network referrer. It also has a much longer lifecycle than other social networks, often driving traffic to posts months after publication. In fact, more than half of BuzzFeed’s traffic from Pinterest goes to posts published more than 2 months ago.” 

– Dao Nguyen, Vice President of Growth and Data

How can you use this visual network to enhance your content’s reach? 

39. Create a Learning Center With Multimedia Content 

What better way to teach your audience than through a comprehensive, multimedia learning center? Create an area of your website that houses educational videos, guides and infographics for a complete learning experience. 

Wistia does this very well. Their learning center serves as a “hub to teach, learn and discuss video marketing.” 


Should you create an interactive hub for your audience?

40. Go Above and Beyond With Advice 

You need to educate your audience. Every content marketer knows that. 

Everyone tries to educate. But how can you go above and beyond what others are doing? 

Consider what Pat Flynn does with his audience. After years of providing great content, he decided to kick it up a notch by releasing a daily podcast that answers his readers’ questions.


How can you take your content above and beyond the call of duty?

41. Invest Time in a New Social Network 

If you feel yourself lacking great content marketing ideas, consider investing time in a new social media platform. With new ones popping up all the time, you probably don’t have a huge audience on every platform. 

Less mainstream social networks, like Tumblr, can serve as a fun, creative outlet for your brand. Consider this post from Coca-Cola:


What social network could use a little TLC from your brand?

42. Interview People That Would Interest Your Target Audience 

Using expert interviews strengthen your brand, and it builds up your overall content marketing efforts in a variety of ways: 

  • Helps build your network of influencers
  • Gives an opportunity to interact with customers
  • Provides you access to the expert’s audience 

Andrew Warner founded his entire business on expert interviews. He has 1000+ interviews, with people from some top companies.


What creative ways could you use expert interviews to reach a broader audience? 

43. Consider Kicking It Old School

In the world of digital, brands have to make bold moves to stand out. 

And what better way than to take a step back and appreciate some tried and true, “old-school” marketing methods? 

Yes. We live in a world of websites, disappearing photos and instant live streaming. But some brands still see great success with non-traditional methods. 

Consider Content Marketing Institute. They released Chief Content Officer magazine and use it to build their brand.


How can you use offline content marketing to build brand awareness?

44. Publish a Powerful Case Study

When making a purchasing decision, businesses of all sizes look to results found in case studies. This graph snapshot from Eccolo Media’s 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report shows how people perceive the power of case studies:


All kinds of companies, especially in the B2B market, create case studies to articulately communicate how they’ve brought success. 

Do you have any tangible data you could compile into a case study?

45. Create an Interactive Content Experience 

Sherice Jacob defines interactive marketing the following way: 

“At its core, interactive marketing focuses less on an immediate sale and more on building a relationship with customers by engaging them in conversation.” 

It’s a natural development in the content marketing experience. After all, what does content marketing seek to do? Engage, educate and entertain customers while the brand falls out of the spotlight. 

Jack Daniel’s did this through their video, The Few and Far Between, where they encouraged people to share their favorite bar stories:

How can you use content to interact with customers?

46. Use Video to Go Behind-the-Scenes 

Every business has a behind-the-scenes view that pulls back the curtain and reveals the people behind the magic. 

You can use this tactic to develop a deeper relationship with audiences by showing the person behind the logo. In an age where we talk to brands like people through social media, it’s time we really saw them as people. 

The most magical place on earth even understands the power of this tactic. Disney pulls back the curtain on their blog and shows readers how they really make things happen. From how they make a tweet to how they train horses, you can find a bit of everything here.

How can you give people a glimpse into the unseen facets of your business?

47. Start a Show Based on Relevant Industry Topics 

People flock to television episodes. They binge watch them on Netflix, and throw a fit when the finale doesn’t live up to their expectations. 

It’s addicting, inspiring, engaging. 

But you want to know a secret? In today’s content era, brands can do the same thing. 

Don’t believe me? Just look at how Gary Vaynerchuk recently launched his “Ask Gary Vee” show. Each episode gets thousands of views.

You can use episodic video content like this to build audience expectation and amass a larger following. What’s a topic that you could talk about every week?

48. Interview Experts on a Podcast

A great content strategy publishes on a variety of mediums to reach every possible customer. In addition to written content and video, marketers also look to increase their reach using audio podcasts. 

This medium allows you to reach audience members that frequently consume content while moving (think, in the car or while at the gym). You can use this platform as an opportunity to connect with expert influencers and distribute amazing content to your audience. 

Lewis Howes is a great example of how to use podcasting to expand your brand. 

Lewis was asked, “How has podcasting help you get closer to achieving your goals? Is it worth the investment?” 

He responded:


“Yes. My reach has gone up exponentially, my sales continue to go up and every time I ask someone who buys a product of mine where they heard about me first the majority of people say The School of Greatness podcast.

100% worth the investment if you are committed to staying consistent with it and doing it over the long run.”

How can you incorporate podcasting and increase your influence? 

49. Teach Something Using Video 

More and more brands are investing in the power of video. It’s no wonder, given how many hours people consume each month. 

Propel your content marketing initiatives by educating your audience about topics that matter to them. It will establish you as an expert authority and help you build a deeper connection with your audience. 

COVERGIRL shares exactly what their audiences needs: makeup tips for every occasion. One playlist focuses solely on back-to-school makeup (a keyword that gets nearly 6,000 searches at the beginning of the school year).

What topics can you teach using video?

50. Get Creative and Tell a Story

Forget commercials. 

Innovative companies are turning to creative brand storytelling to spread their message. In 2013, Chipotle released a magnetic video. It was so powerful that Gawker said, “All other ads should just give up.” 

In case you haven’t seen it:

Finding ways to infuse storytelling into your brand will pull passionate people to you quicker than anything else. What message can you use to create an amazing story?

51. Build a Valuable Tool for the Community 

What kind of tool could make your customer’s lives easier? 

At the end of the day, if you can make that happen, your content succeeded.

Carmin wipes the floor with the competition through their content marketing efforts. One of their most successful tools helps people find clean public restrooms nearby.


If that’s not assisting the customer when they need it most, I don’t know what is.

With a bit of creative thinking, you can create valuable content like that. 

52. Revamp Old Techniques With Something New 

What happens when you combine old marketing tactics with fresh ideas? Magical things. 

British Airways invested in this by using an old marketing classic: billboards. But instead of just painting something compelling on the highway sign, they took it to a whole new plane.

These billboards were a first for the company and for UK advertising. It taps into the wonder and excitement we felt as children when we first thought of flying. The clever technology provides insight you couldn’t have gleaned from a static billboard. 

How can you put a new spin on an old favorite?

53. Turn Your Message Into a Game 

People love to feel entertained.

Sometimes at the cost of neglecting the more important things in life. 

Smart content marketers understand this about people. And they only see it as a small creative hurdle. Why? Because there are plenty of ways to both entertain and inform simultaneously. 

If you haven’t played the quirky, addicting game Dumb Ways to Die, then you’re missing out. But Australia’s Metro Trains, the game’s creator, had a deeper purpose.

Perhaps the most innovative PSA in years, the cause marketing campaign spreads a great message while entertaining users.

Can your brand publish something as amazingly creative?

54. Show How Customers Use Your Product 

Can you find compelling, visually beautiful ways to show customers using your product? 

If so, incorporate it into your content marketing. Not only will it engage and inspire people, but it builds social proof and enhances your authority. 

Sharpie does this with great skill. 

They feature creations by Sharpie users directly on their blog. It’s called “Sharpie Creations.”


How can you use content to highlight your customers?

55. Publish Content With an Air of Mystery 

It’s no secret that a bit of mystery can turn something drab into a compelling marketing initiative. And that’s why mysterious content marketing can yield powerful results. 

Want an example? Look no further than Google Doodles.


For years, the company has infused an air of mystery into your search results. And when you felt curious about that little doodle, what did you do? Search about it. 


A content marketing initiative that yields further engagement. 

56. Release Guides That Matter to Your Audience 

What type of information matters most to your audience? 

Answer that question. Right now.

Got it? Okay. Now, figure out a ways to compile that information into educational, engaging guides that they can refer back to again and again. 

Airbnb relies on users’ desire to travel. What better way to ignite that than by releasing beautiful neighborhood guides?


Get creative with your content. Start building awesome guides like these.

57. Teach Your Audience About Themselves

Anne Murphy eloquently sums up the benefits of this type of content: 

“Serving up data about your users, to your users, is an amazing way to pull people into your content. It’s personalization done perfectly.” 

Spotify nailed it with their “Year in Music” campaign. This email was the beginning of an amazing rabbit hole of personalized content


How can your brand use personalization to increase engagement with your content?

58. Infuse Humor into Your Content 

A bit of humor goes a long way. 

People don’t want to connect with a stuffy, corporate image. It doesn’t relate to us on a human level. 

In this age, no one is exempt from infusing personality into their marketing. Not even the President of the United States. Regardless of your opinion on his politics, one thing is sure: he’s reaching the younger generation, one social media ploy at a time.


Take a note from the President’s playbook and infuse a bit of humor into your next campaign.

59. Push Your Limits With Micro Content 

Recent developments in content marketing push brands to engage on a micro-level. New platforms like Snapchat and Vine challenge marketers to push their creative limits. 

And those that do perform well.

If General Electric can find ways to engage their audience on platforms like Snapchat, so can you. It’s all about meeting the audience where they spend time. Get creative!

It’s time to create a Buzz.


60. Show Authority Through White Papers

Contrary to some, white papers still hold plenty of authority in the industry. As with any form of content, those that don’t do it correctly won’t see results. Roanne Neuwirth shares four points on what white papers must feature to have staying power: 

  • Rich, substantive content that educates, not sells
  • New ideas that prompt and provoke innovative thinking
  • A clearly communicated point of view on issues that are highly relevant and timely
  • Statistically sound data and well-researched findings 

Wordstream uses these points to attain a lot of content marketing success with white papers. Check out their website to ignite some ideas for how your brand can use this idea. 

61. Create a Helpful Generator 

Look at your target audience. What kind of fresh ideas do they need on a regular basis? 

Once your find the answer to that question, you can invest in building a tool to fill that need. 

Consider Portent. 

As an Internet Marketing agency, they know their target audience needs fresh blog titles. Instead of just writing another Headline Formula post, they created a Content Idea Generator.


Could your target audience benefit from a similar tool? Perhaps it’s time to create it.

62. Increase Shares With Quizzes 

Brands use quizzes as a powerful interactive tool to gather data, increase engagement and push people down the sales funnel. 

Buzzsumo released research about how many shares the two most popular types of quizzes receive. The results? Content marketers can crush it with this type of content. 

Here’s a look at shares from the Washington Post and Quiz Social:

Graded Quizzes:


Outcome Quizzes:


Invest in quizzes, increase your reach.

63. Commit to a Content Type & Show Up Every Time

Ultimately, successful content marketing comes down to establishing yourself as a reliable publisher. No one wants to invest in a brand that disappears and drops the ball after getting the audience hooked. 

Consider what Moz does with Whiteboard Friday


Every Friday, without fail, the audience knows they can rely on these videos. That kind of reliability builds a level of trust that you can’t achieve any way else. 

Make a commitment and stick to it. Whether that means you release a weekly video, distribute monthly reports or blog three times a week. In the words of Nike, Just Do It. 

Did any of these ideas resonate with you? Have others you’d like to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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