Why Are You Still Trusting Traditional SEO Companies?

Posted by Spencer Powell

Apr 28, 2013 5:15:00 PM

Why are you still trustingEvery so often, the media likes to herald that SEO is dead. That marketers abused it until it lost all meaning, making it now a completely useless content technique. This declaration has been made for years, and yet SEO is still around and going strong. However, the media is partially right about one thing. There are some sleazy marketers out there, who abuse the system and ruin it for everyone else. A lot of traditional SEO companies have gained a bad reputation when it comes to their business practices, and that bad reputation has extended to SEO itself in many people’s minds. But that doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. It just means it’s changing shape.

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Topics: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Google, black hat, backlinks

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