3 Best Practices for your Builder Business Blog

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 7, 2012 7:45:00 AM

Business blogs can be somewhat challenging for a few reasons: you shouldn't be self promoting, you need to create timely, relevant content for your readers and you have to be consistent.  Let's take a look at some best practices to ensure your blog reaches the level of success you're looking for.

best practices for builder businesses
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Builders and Remodelers Must Sow Quality Content to Reap Customers

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 3, 2012 7:36:00 AM

describe the imageYou might feel great that you are producing quality content, but great content is not an automatic money tree with instant sales and buyers. It is more of a seed you plant that needs to be cultivated with time, thought and planning. You will need to think strategically about how different types of content will contribute to the larger sales cycle.

Just like planting a tree, content marketing starts small then grows. You must sow a strategy of patience and commitment into your plan and then you will reap the benefits of your work. The commitment to the process of building your audience into customers will generate revenue for you in the long run

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6 Builder Tips for Improving Blog Conversion

Posted by Spencer Powell

Oct 9, 2012 7:25:00 AM

builder tips improve blog conversationTraffic and leads are important for all builder blogs, but it is also important to understand how conversion rate effects these factors.  When you improve your conversion rate, you are more likely to increase your lead generation, even when you do not have more traffic.

If you are noticing a decline in your conversion rate or are simply interested in boosting your conversion rate, check out these six tips for improving blog conversion.

1.  Align Your Content with Relevant, Targeted CTAs
One of the most important aspects of lead generation is understanding calls-to-action (CTAs).  It is essential to place one on every blog post.  If you do not currently use CTAs in your blog posts, it's never too late to start.  If you already use them, consider how you can make them more relevant.  Think about the specific resources that your building company customers need.  This may mean creating some entirely new CTAs.

2.  Use New CTAs to Optimize Your Evergreen Blog Content

High traffic articles will be a continual source of lead generation for your company if they continue to be updated.  Examine your analytics to find articles that have high search rankings and are still generating a significant amount of traffic.  Include newer offers with high conversion to boost the rates of these evergreen articles.

3.  Give Your Banners and Highlighted Offers a Makeover
People don't want to see the same banners and offers every time that they visit your web site and will lose interest if you don't change them once in a while.  Simply updating one of these aspects of your site can boost your conversion rates.  Your analytics information is your best friend with this process.

4.  Experiment with Different CTA Buttons
Don't be afraid to try different CTA buttons to determine which ones work the best.  Consider simple vs. complex buttons.  Think about the tone and layout of your messages.  Examine the statistical significance of each test that you run.

5.  Include Links to Offers Throughout Your Blog Posts

In addition to button CTAs, include text within blog articles.  For example, if your company has an eBook entitled "Top Kitchen Remodeling Projects," include a link for it in your article about house renovations to consider before trying to sell.

6.  Include an Opt-In E-Mail Form

Some of the simplest methods for increasing blog conversionare the most effective.  Including an opt-in e-mail form on your web site is no exception.
spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.

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Generate Builder Leads Over the Weekend

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Sep 6, 2012 7:19:00 AM

generate builder leadsMany builder blog managers put their blogs to sleep over the weekend.  The majority of the people who read blogs regularly are out enjoying time with their friends and families on the weekends and aren't online reading blogs.  As more people are using on-the-go mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.), this trend is starting to change and it can be worth posting blogs on the weekend.  Some blog managers plan special weekend post themes so that people have specific posts to look forward to during the weekends.

However, if you decide to put your blog to sleep for the weekend, you can leverage the power of a simple CTA to generate weekend leads even when there is no new blog content.

Leveraging the Power of a Simple CTA
One of the best ways to keep your leads coming in all weekend is to include one of your most effective calls-to-action in your final weekday blog post.  If you aren't already using calls-to-action in your blog posts on a regular basis or aren't using them at all, it's never too late to start.  Begin by considering where you can place sidebars and how you can form CTAs for the end of your blog posts and go from there.

Here are three simple steps to leverage the CTAs for your builder blog for maximum weekend lead generation.

1.  Analytics: Take the Time to Review Them
Review the data on the offers that you've created.  This may include builder kits, ebooks, and webinars.  Look at how each offer has converted and how many leads it generated.  Compare these different offers and organize them into a list from best-performing to worst-performing.

2.  Your Best Offers: What Are They?
Hopefully step #1 helped you figure out what your best performing offers are.  This includes knowing which offers performed the best and generated the highest numbers of leads for your builder business.

3.  Now that You Know What Your Best Offer Is, Create Content For It
Create the content for your last weekday blog post around your best building call-to-action.  For example, if one of your top offers is for an ebook about effective digital builder marketing strategies, don't write an article about your new roofing services.  Instead, write an article related to marketing strategies.

Many successful blogs use this exact strategy for generating leads on the weekend.  The key is to continually keep track of how your offers are performing and then use this data to optimize your lead generation.
taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com

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Blogging for Builders - Taking the Pain Away

Posted by Spencer Powell

Aug 21, 2012 8:08:00 AM

blogging for buildersIf you have never blogged before or did not grow up in the age where personal blogs are commonplace, the notion of blogging can be intimidating.  However, it has become a critical marketing component for building companies.  Frequently the most challenging aspect of blogging is getting started.  Here are a few tips to help you with this process.

1.  Start reading blogs in your industry.  One of the easiest ways to get started is reading.  See what other building companies are writing about.  Make sure to review the comments as well.  If you are apprehensive about getting your own voice out there, start small by leaving relevant comments on blog posts.

2.  Set up a sub-directory or sub-domain for your web site.  Blogging does not have to be very technical to be effective.  If you have an IT team, consult them about adding this to your builder web site.  If you don't, consult the support department for your domain host.  They should be able to provide instructions.  Additionally, you can consider an inbound marketing software package that includes blog software.

3.  What are you trying to accomplish with your blog?  What are your objectives?  It's important to figure out who your audience is and what you will be providing for them.  Are you trying to educate, entertain, or simply provide more visibility for your building company?  Write down the personas that interest you and start outlining blog posts based on them.  This process will assist you with targeting your audience and creating initial, quality blog content.

4.  What are some questions that leads and/or customers frequently ask?  If your persona work doesn't lead to you topics right away, the common questions you get from customers will.  Pull quality content from e-mails to customers and edit it to create your initial blog posts.  This is an easier way to start than drafting brand new content.  If you don't have common questions from leads and customers, browse other building blogs for inspiration.

5.  Start posting already!  It is easy to keep re-writing, but at some point, you have to call a post done and publish it.  Get feedback and decide how you can improve for the next post.  Make sure that all posts are free of spelling and grammar mistakes, but don't worry about creating flawless content.  As you get more comfortable blogging and start receiving feedback, your writing skills will to improve.
spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.

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