The Solution to Aligning Sales and Marketing for Builders

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 28, 2012 7:19:00 AM

aligning sales marketing builders puzzel pieceAs you increase the percentage of leads that originate from inbound marketing, effective alignment of sales and marketing becomes a critical area of organizational design.  If the two departments are managed as separate silos, the system fails and no homes will be built. For you to achieve growth and become the leading builder in your area, it is critical that these two groups be properly integrated.

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Turn Your Builder Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 16, 2012 7:41:00 AM

lead generation machineBuilding a blog is a lot like building a house or a commercial building.  What you build and how you build it says a lot about how you are as a business person.  Naturally, using great materials and taking the time to ensure everything is tight and well designed leads to your work being sought after.  Building something shoddy means you're going to have some skinny kids.

Don't Have a Lazy Blog

You've likely dealt with subcontractors who like to take multiple-hour lunch breaks, and can never seem to get everything they need with a single trip to the hardware store.  Your blog can be just like those guys, or it can be like the consummate professionals you want to work with.  If you want your blog to both express that you offer a premium service and get people to contact you, there are three things your blog has to do:

Offer Interesting Content

Some people think a blog is a place to stand there and shout like a used car salesman who's had too much coffee.  You can do that, but ultimately you'll be better served by taking a softer approach to your selling.  Write your blog posts from a perspective of, "I'll help you better understand more," and your readers will come to respect you as an expert in your field.  Who do you think they'll want to go to when they have a project?  This will attract a lot of work.  Just steer clear of too much technical detail, and remember to always write about your customers, not yourself.

Ask for What You Want

There are two things your marketing needs to ask for: contact information for your e-mail list, and the sale.  Some people need to be told to buy, or at the very least fill out a form asking for you to contact them.  Otherwise, they might hem and haw forever, while their dream home or business remains just a dream.

Make and Test Offers

Pay careful attention to what you're offering.  When you give something such as a discount, a free estimate, an ebook about how to get what they want from a contracting company or an "extra" of some sort, see who actually responds to it.  Different offers will attract different people.  The more kinds of offers and the more ways you offer them, the better.  Test an offer's wording, its look, and where you offer it.  Test constantly.

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7 Builder and Remodeler Website Re-Design Tips

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 14, 2012 7:34:00 AM

website redesign tipsIt is highly recommended that all builders, remodelers, and contractors have web sites today.  It is relatively easy to establish a web site.  Then it is essential that you make regular updates and changes.

Here are 7 tips for this redesigning process.
1. Goal: Increase visitors and leads. The primary reason to redesign your web site is to have a positive impact on it.  Just because your new favorite color is red does not mean that you should redesign your web site in reds.  Consider what will bring in more leads, visitors, and most importantly, customers.

2. Avoid pitfalls by inventorying your assets, then protecting them.  Think about the current assets in your web site (i.e. content, keywords, inbound links, conversion tools, etc.).  Make sure that you protect all of your assets during any redesign so that you do not lose them.  It is easier to maintain and build on what you already have than it is to start over.

3. Focus on resources with remarkable content to attract and convert.  Just like you probably did not invent the technique that you use for installing drywall yourself, you do not need to invent web design on your own.  Research functional, and not necessarily overly unique or expensive, designs that will work well for your business.

4. Ongoing strategy for content building.  More content almost always equals more traffic.  It is also important to have at least a few pages that were written recently.  A regular building strategy will ensure that new content keeps getting added.

5. Conversion experiments.  Develop a system that allows you to edit content and build landing pages without coding knowledge.  Constantly improving your landing pages will drive your number of leads and conversion rate.

6. Include RSS, a blog, SEO, and landing pages, .  All web sites today should include these essential tools, which are inexpensive and guarantee success.  If you are not familiar with any of these topics, there is a wealth of free information about all of them online.  Overwhelmed?  Start with one and work your way up from there.

7. Visitors and leads: metrics review.Now it's time to evaluate what you've done.  Hopefully your web site has seen increased leads and visitors, which has resulted in increased business for your company.  If numbers are still down, review weak areas of your site and continue to make improvements.  Even when things are going well, web site design is still an ongoing process.

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7 Steps for Builder Lead Generation Online

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 7, 2012 7:00:00 AM

grow lead generationThe old saying is, "If you build it, they will come."  Unfortunately, building is expensive and you have to find a customer to pay for it.  This does present a sort of chicken and egg problem. Luckily for you, this is a handy-dandy list of 7 steps you can take to generate and cultivate plenty of leads.  Play your cards right, and a lot of these leads will turn into paying customers.  When they come, you can build it.

1. Determine what you consider a good lead.  If you get a thousand leads that go nowhere, you've wasted a lot of time.  Do you want your tools gathering dust while you chase second-rate leads? Look back on your previous customers and figure out what made them good leads.  Now search for them and only them.

2. Dig leads out of the trash. Rather like bags of chips, sometimes you throw away a lead without enjoying all of it.  So look through every conversation you've had over the past few months, and reopen the ones that fizzled out but had some promise. Like in the bag of chips, lead crumbs can be very tasty.

3. Shake down your customers. Everybody knows somebody who needs something built. Your customers know people you can work for, so dog them for this information.  Actually, you should politely ask when they're still high on the great job you just did for them.  If all else fails, "catching up" with an established customer can be a great time to see if they can offer any referrals.

4. It's only spam if they don't want it.  If you have customers, some of them might want more things built. If you don't ask the customers who already trust you, you're going to lose the extra business to someone else.  Toss out some quick "how ya doin'" e-mails and see where it goes.

5. Focus on how you add value.  Unless your customers want to live and work in tents, they need you. Add words like "ROI" and "cost savings" to your website.  Work on the people who are ready to buy by stating how much value you add to them.

6. See your customers as people you're trying to help.  When your marketing to people you care about helping, you'll start providing better information.  In turn, these people will want to spread your content and the word about you and your company.

7. Keep everyone in the loop.  An e-mail every week or so that's interesting and informative can keep people warm, so when things look up they'll be ready to hire you.

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How Home Builders Can Tailor Lead Nurturing Content for Different Audiences

Posted by Spencer Powell

Aug 7, 2012 8:13:00 AM

lack of content chairsSuccessful lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.  So why aren't all home builders doing this?  One of the most common reasons is a lack of content.  It is also important to consider the needs of your clients for a variety of marketing personas.  Don't let this additional content scare you.  Once you have standard marketing offers set up, you can tweak them slightly for different audiences.  Here are a few tips for this process.

Your Personas: Time to Identify Them
Hopefully you already have some idea what the personas are of your clients.  If not, consider their locations, jobs, values, and goals, and what they look for from your business.  Start to outline the different identified personas.  The number of personas can vary from 1 or 2 to over 10.  If you have a large number, consider how you can create sub-groups to make your content variations easier.  Start with these larger groups and then tailor more to individual personas later.

Consider the Best Marketing Offer for Each Sales Cycle Stage
Your lead nurturing campaigns will be even more effective if they are tailored to the individual sales cycle stages.  Most sales cycles have three stages: awareness, evaluation, and purchase.

Here are a few examples of content to provide for each stage.  Do not flip out about needing to provide all of these components for your builder clients.  Start with what you have and build from there.

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