Why Remodelers Should be Nurturing Leads Rather than eBlasting Them

Posted by Spencer Powell

Sep 20, 2012 7:56:00 AM

no email buildersMany remodelers have embraced e-mail marketing and social media tools, which are great assets to any company.  However, it's also important to embrace lead nurturing, which is still a less prevalent practice with most companies.  Lead nurturing keeps your customers engaged on a regular basis and gradually introduces them to advanced sales cycle stages.

Statistics and Studies
Consider the following facts:
  • Lead nurturing e-mails get four to ten times the response rate that standalone e-mail blasts get. [SilverPop/DemandGen Report]
  • 25% of all leads are legitimate and will advance to sales.  50% of leads are qualified although not ready to buy. [Gleanster Research]
  • 35% of sales go to the vendors who respond the most quickly. [InsideSales.com]

A recent study at HubSpot examined companies using general e-mail marketing and/or lead nurturing.  In this study, they considered the average and median click-through rate (CTR) as well as unsubscribe rate.  Lead nurturing e-mails consistently had significantly higher CTR than generic e-mail blasts.  On average, lead nurturing e-mails generated 8% CTR while general e-mails generated 3% CTR.

The study also revealed that lead nurturing e-mails had a slightly higher unsubscribe rate (1%) than e-mail sends (0.5%).  This may seem like a negative statistic, but it is actually evidence that people who are quality leads are staying on the list while uninterested parties are choosing to no longer receive messages.  As a remodeling company owner, this is a great news for you.  More dedicated subscribers means more potential customers for your business.

What To Take Away From This
The studies clearly show that lead nurturing does work, and is generally a superior form of marketing over e-mail blasts.  Instead of generic messages that may or may not have any relevance to potential customers, lead nurturing keeps the communication personalized and catered to each specific potential customer's current stage of the sales cycle.  This personalization also keeps your remodeling business in the front of a client's mind as they are evaluating a purchase or remodeling contract deal.  You don't want your messages to get potential clients sold on the idea of remodeling without a specific company in mind.  You want them to have your company in mind.

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How Home Builders Can Tailor Lead Nurturing Content for Different Audiences

Posted by Spencer Powell

Aug 7, 2012 8:13:00 AM

lack of content chairsSuccessful lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.  So why aren't all home builders doing this?  One of the most common reasons is a lack of content.  It is also important to consider the needs of your clients for a variety of marketing personas.  Don't let this additional content scare you.  Once you have standard marketing offers set up, you can tweak them slightly for different audiences.  Here are a few tips for this process.

Your Personas: Time to Identify Them
Hopefully you already have some idea what the personas are of your clients.  If not, consider their locations, jobs, values, and goals, and what they look for from your business.  Start to outline the different identified personas.  The number of personas can vary from 1 or 2 to over 10.  If you have a large number, consider how you can create sub-groups to make your content variations easier.  Start with these larger groups and then tailor more to individual personas later.

Consider the Best Marketing Offer for Each Sales Cycle Stage
Your lead nurturing campaigns will be even more effective if they are tailored to the individual sales cycle stages.  Most sales cycles have three stages: awareness, evaluation, and purchase.

Here are a few examples of content to provide for each stage.  Do not flip out about needing to provide all of these components for your builder clients.  Start with what you have and build from there.

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