Making Sense of Link Building for Builders and Remodelers

Posted by Jimmy Donnellon

Sep 4, 2012 8:01:00 AM

link building builders laptopGetting Started: Content Creation
The biggest key to increasing website links for builders and remodelers is content creation.  You will have very few web site visitors spreading your content online if you don't have content worth sharing.  Even if you have a stellar link building campaign running, you will still get the vast majority of link shares from people linking your content on their own.

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5 Signs Your Builder SEO is No Good

Posted by Jimmy Donnellon

Aug 29, 2012 7:03:00 AM

google SEOIf you've spent any time with the SEO for your builder website, you know many factors affect search ranking positions.  Whether or not your SEO strategies are working, it is still important to review them periodically.  Taking time to do this may alert you to strategies that you are missing or haven't visited in a while.  No matter what state the SEO is in for your builder web page, don't get overwhelmed.  Start with one or two of these steps and work your way up from there.

1.  Short-Lived SEO Wins
Search engine results page (SERP) positions change frequently.  Your site may be position 2 today and position 6 tomorrow.  However, if you see a bigger slip (i.e. page 1 to page 2), it's time to think about long term strategies.

The Fix: It takes a consistent effort to maintain a good ranking position.  Work on creating keyword-optimized content and improving link-building efforts.

2.  Not Considering Competitiveness and Conversions with Search Strategies
As the owner of a building company, it may be natural to go to a keyword phrase such as "building company."  However, this is a very competitive phrase that isn't specific to your company.

The Fix:
Consider long tail keywords that incorporate this general keyword phrase but include more specific information to bring people to your web site such as "building company in Chicago."

3.  Not Making Social Media a Crucial Component of Search Strategies
Whether or not you believe that your building clients are on social media (though most likely a good portion of them are), building industry thought leaders and crawlers are on social media and will ensure that your content ranks highly in searches.

The Fix:
If you create strong content, social media will do the work itself.  As people find it on social media and get inbound links, your social media followers and the general following of your web content will increase.

4.  Inbound Link Building is Not a Priority
Link building does happen organically but you won't see great results unless you put effort into it as well.

The Fix:
Consider sharing other people's content, posting your content, dialoging on social media, linking to other people in your content, and guest blogging.

5. Not Competitively Tracking Your SEO Efforts
If you aren't tracking your SEO efforts, you most likely have very little (if any) idea what strategies are and aren't working.

The Fix:
It's never too late to start tracking.  Make an effort to check your statistics on a monthly basis.
jimmy donnellon – inbound marketing professional

Blog Post Written by Jimmy Donnellon

Jimmy is an inbound marketing professional with a background in public relations and marketing. Jimmy helps his clients found on the web, convert visitors into leads and helps them track their results.

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Topics: remodeler SEO, builder link building, builder seo

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