Internet Marketing for Homebuilders - a Must!

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 26, 2012 7:22:00 AM

internet marketing homebuildersAt first glance, the chart on the left might leave many of you with horrifying flashbacks.  But fear not because there may be a new glimmer of hope.  According to, home sales are expected to increase in the coming year.  If they are indeed correct, this will be the first real increase in sales we have seen since the housing market crashed  in '06 like a drunken and underage joyrider. While this possible increase is good news in general, is your company positioned appropriately to take advantage of this?  Home builders need to start getting found online now by potential buyers so they can set themselves up for success in the near future.  Having an online marketing strategy as a homebuilder can only be beneficial.  With so many people shopping and doing research for practically everything online, it is important to have a strong internet presence.  Picture this: the housing market is beginning to pick up again and your website comes up on the second page of a Google search while all your competitors are coming up on the first.  Chances are you'll look more depressed than the above chart does from '06-'11. 

So if you haven't already, start creating high-quality content for your website to make your website worth visiting.  Create landing pages to generate leads and optimize each of your web pages to make it easier for customers to find you because you want to be the first company people think if the housing market makes its perousia.

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How Can a Smaller Builder or Remodeler Compete with the Big Boys?

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 11, 2012 7:50:00 AM

As a local builder or remodeler, you may be asking yourself how you can compete with some of smaller builder david and galioththe larger regional or national builders.  They have more resources for marketing, sales and have more leverage.  So, how can you turn the tide?

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Word-of-Mouth Builder Marketing in an Online World

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 4, 2012 7:41:00 AM

For years, many businesses including builders refused to do any advertising with the conviction to the power of word of mouth. With the effectiveness of social media, blogging and social reviews, those same owners can now feel vindicated and remain firm to their convictions.

word of mouth builder marketing
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3 Video Projects Builders Can do in Under 25 Minutes

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Aug 10, 2012 8:12:00 AM

3 Video ProjectsBuilders Can do in Under 25 Minutes

Many builders are weary about creating video marketing content because of the time commitment that it requires.  Keep in mind that you are filming a video that will be five minutes long or less.  You are not filming and producing a full-length motion picture.  Your video should be short.  Think of this project as a sprint, not a marathon.

3 video project builders can doBefore you stress out about purchasing or borrowing a video camera, keep in mind that many point and shoot cameras include a video camera function.  It doesn't get much simpler than that.  Generally these videos are high quality and are easy to upload to your computer.

1. A quick interview. Brainstorm three questions to ask anyone in your building company: an executive, a CEO, a customer, or an employee.  Record their answers free-form with your camera.  You can use any simple video editing program such as Pinnacle (PC) or iMovie (Mac) to put everything together before uploading it to YouTube.  If this is a successful project, consider revisiting it later with a different employee or with follow up questions for the same person.  Before you know it, you'll have a little series going with a simple 25 minute or less time commitment per month.

2. An office video tour.  People love to get an inside view of how your company works.  Get one employee or a small group of employees to show off the place for the camera.  Pick a time to film when the office is busy so that people watching it get the full effect of your typical office life.  Most people don't have trouble imagining what desks with computers look like after all.  This video can be a great asset for potential leads, current customers, and other professionals in the building industry.  If you attend professional organization meetings and/or conferences, you may be able to use it for presentations.

3.  Projects that will be "in progress" over the course of a year. Some video projects can be filmed in 25 minutes or less but take time to gather the video footage.  For example, you might want to put together a video that outlines the different types of roofing that your company does.  It will take several months or even a year to have footage from a sufficient number of different projects.  However, you only need to spend a few minutes filming at each project to get the shoots that you need.

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