5 Signs Your Building Business Should Stay Away From An SEO Company

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 21, 2012 10:11:00 AM

1.  The SEO Company Suggests Specific Keyword Densities:  They tell you that your blogs and other content should be written with the sole purpose of embedding all the right keywords as often as you can.  Run away even faster if the company tells you that the best keyword density is 12.4%.  I'm guessing that the average engineer at Google is a lot smarter than the average SEO consultant.  That being said, you're better off writing content that REAL PEOPLE will enjoy and link to rather than writing content to try and lure the search engines into ranking you better.  Yes, you need to get your keywords in your content, but try make it "natural" sounding.

builder seo caution sign
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Builder Marketing: 4 Ways A News Release Can Boost Your SEO

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 20, 2012 6:49:00 AM

search engin optimizationSearch engine optimization (SEO) has rapidly become a huge component of all types of online marketing as more and more people are using the Internet for their research.  If you have only designed newspaper ads, flyers, and in-store ad campaigns, at best, the term SEO and its connotations have probably left you scratching your head.  At worst, it has left you completely panicked and ready to hire your assistant's 16 year old daughter who understands everything about the Internet much more than you do.

Take a deep breath. SEO can be broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow.  This article will focus on using news releases to improve your search engine ranking.  If you do not already have a news feature for your building, remodeling, or contracting web site, considering adding one.

There are two main purposes for these news articles: 1) to gain more visibility and 2) provide useful information for your target audience.

Here are 4 ways that these news releases can boost SEO.
1.  Increase the number of Google indexed pages.  Consider ways that you can expand your web site that will be useful for your readers.  Additionally, consider relevant information that you can include in your news releases.  Frequently requested information and other types of information that have done will in non-Internet news releases may still be well received online.

2. Diversify your content strategy.  It is easy to post about the same type of information all the time.  For example, your remodeling company might be part of a region wide company that has sales.  You always write releases for your sales.  This is a great start.  However, consider other types of news articles that you can release as well, such as new products and new programs.

3.  Blow your own horn.  Once upon a time, you sent news to the press in hopes that they would publish it.  You are now your own press and media outlet.  Don't be afraid to openly promote all of the services and advantages of your company.

4.  Easy to set up and manage.  Once you get a news release system set up on your web site, it will be very easy to write and publish new content.  Most importantly, you should set up a blog application and RSS feed.  These components are often included in Content Management Systems.  

What kind of news releases do you push out?

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Builder SEO - 7 Simple How-To Steps

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 12, 2012 7:27:00 AM

builder seoMany builder firms are willing to pay a lot of money in order to get their websites on top of search engine results pages for particular search phrases. Good SEO marketingoften leads to more sales and translates to more profits. Below are 7 steps that any building or remodeling company should follow to get its website on top of search engine rankings.
  1. Keywords

A company should identify the keywords that customers use when searching for their services. The keywords should be words and phrases that your ideal client is searching for online.

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3 Online Marketing Measurements Builders Should Ignore

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 8, 2012 8:11:00 AM

online measurements builders should ignoreOnline marketing is often measured by metrics, right? Even as busy contractors, you want to see exactly how your website is performing.  Your goal is to attract new prospects.   No matter how you choose to keep track, there are 3 online marketing measurements builders should ignore.

Google Page Rankings was developed by the co-founder of Google, Larry Page.  Using logarithmic formulas, websites were ranked based on their performance and authority.

As an online marketing metric, Google page rankings are obsolete.   Updated infrequently and irregularly, the rankings don't accurately reflect the performance of a general contractor's website.  In fact, the rankings have nothing to do with how much business a builder may be attracting with their online marketing.  Would you rather be on the first page or have 20 customers calling daily for quotes on remodels?

Email open rates should be ignored in online marketing metrics.  A white pixel is placed on a white background at the bottom of an email.  The pixel is read as an image and reported back as an open.  Does your general contracting business target consumers or businesses?

Many email programs, such as Outlook and Google do not read images.   That means your email pixels are not being recorded.  It doesn't mean your email wasn't read, though.  It just means the data is fairly irrelevant, even though email marketers continue to rely heavily on email open rate data.

Keyword rank data should also be ignored as an online marketing measurement.  As a builder, you may choose relevant key words in your industry.   Historically, those keywords allowed a discrete, relevant tracking of website performance.  

In current trends, keyword ranking should be based on IP addresses and geo-targeting.  The questions for choosing key words should be along the lines of 'what building terms or services are attracting clients to my site' or 'which general contracting needs are driving clients to my website.'  

Ultimately, builders need to ignore online marketing measurements which don't accurately capture their website performance metrics.  Stay away from Google page rankingsas they don't reflect the amount of clients or conversions you may gain.  Email open rates are only as relevant as the number of email recipients which allow images.  Finally, if you're going to build a site based on keyword rank, be sure you ask yourself the right questions to target your needs.   The other metrics?  Just ignore them.
taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com

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Improving Your Organic Position on Google - A Guide for Builders and Remodelers

Posted by Spencer Powell

Oct 31, 2012 7:38:00 AM

google addwordsAdwords is a great way to make Google work for you and bring plenty of targeted traffic to your website.  However, Adwords is just a tool, and like any tool it's possible to become over-reliant on it.  The best way to make sure people searching for the kind of work you do is to have organic positioning, which has little to do with Adwords.  As well, there are problems with Adwords.

Adwords Isn't Everything

Some studies have found that having the top paid position for a keyword is like being ranked lower than that through being organically positioned.  Keep in mind that Adwords is expensive, and is only getting moreso.  Plus, the tasks involved in managing Adwords can easily turn into a full-time job, so you might as well take that energy and organically spruce up your site.  The following are some tips to get your site a lot higher in the search rankings.

What are You Offering?

If you don't have your value proposition lined up, work on that first.  Once you know what you're offering, think carefully about phrases that sum it up, or at least go along with it.  Be sure you don't ignore the other search engines, because Google isn't everything.  You should also keep an eye out for phrases that go along with the unique problem you solve.  Why do people use you to build or remodel for them, instead of doing it themselves or hiring someone else to do it? 

Keep the Keywords in Site

Once you've found some traffic-driving keywords, use them all over your site: prominent places in your pages, the titles and headings of your pages, in your meta tags, everywhere.  Just like what you build, the small and rarely noticed details are what separate "some guy with tools" from a true professional tradesman.  While most people won't notice if you skillfully put in the right phrase here and there, the search engines will.

Tinker With It

Your website is a living thing.  Don't fall in love with one type of content.  In some cases, building a landing page for a particular keyword that explains it instead of something more general can do a lot for your ranking.  Ideally, you should keep adding interesting, unique content to your site until you sell your business and retire. The goal is to get onto the first page of Google, which is like having Adwords -- for free.  Keep working on it.
jimmy donnellon – inbound marketing professional

Blog Post Written by Jimmy Donnellon

Jimmy is an inbound marketing professional with a background in public relations and marketing. Jimmy helps his clients found on the web, convert visitors into leads and helps them track their results.

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