5 Tips for Making Builder Marketing Video

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 18, 2012 6:53:00 AM

Video grabs people's attention quicker and easier than text or even photos. So why not make a video to market your building or remodeling business? It's just not that hard anymore. Follow these five tips in order to make a great looking video.

builder marketing video making
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Builder Internet Marketing: Develop a Video Strategy

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Nov 29, 2012 7:26:00 AM

builder video strategyA video is a strong toolto engage your visitor with your site, share your passion for building and demonstrate your enthusiasm for your homes or projects. It has become one of the best ways to get your story to your potential customers and a simple format to reach larger audiences, communicate your message and get found. You do not have to spend thousands on a video while an inexpensive campaign can get you the same result. With planning you can add video to your marketing tool belt without exceeding your budget.

You will have to become a builder/producer while putting yourself in your customer’s shoes to clearly define the goals of the video and determine the type of video you want to produce.

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10 Things That Could Make Your Builder Video go Viral

Posted by Jimmy Donnellon

Oct 23, 2012 7:10:00 AM

builder video viral youtube huluThere is no specific combination of components that will make a video "go viral."  Typically the more good qualities you have, the more likely it is that your content will be viral.  Here are 10 tips for making your builder video go viral.

1. Use a parody or spoof: One of the most popular kinds of humor is to spoof something that is already popular.  Consider writing lyrics about construction to a tune that closely mirrors a current song and creating a music video to go with it.

2. Music: Videos are almost always more engaging with music.  If you are not creating your own music, use music with a Creative Commons license.

3. Keep it short: At most, your video should be a 3-4 minutes long.

4. Uptempo: If you use music in your video (see tip 2!), it is preferable to keep it uptempo.  People are generally more engaged by music with a lively beat.  If you are set on using a particular slower tune, consider how it could be portrayed in a humorous setting to keep the mood light throughout the video.

5. Sharp, quick scenes:
Keep the majority of your scenes 3-10 seconds long with all scenes under 15 seconds long.

6. Funny for outsiders: We've all seen comedy that is aimed at very specific groups of people.  While you and your co-workers can enjoy telling inside builder jokes and stories all day, the public may not find them very funny.  Make sure that your video will be funny to the outside eye.

7. Don't focus on quality:  Some of the funniest videos online are ones that look very homemade.  If no one in your company is particularly computer savvy, don't sweat it.  Focus on the content inside of the quality of the video.

8. Strive to be bigger than life: Don't be afraid to capture completely ridiculous things on camera.  Keep your stunts safe, but have fun.  People often enjoy watching scenes that would look completely ridiculous in day to day life.

9. Shock effect: Use the first 5 seconds of your video to set the stage.  You want to grab viewers' attention right away so they keep watching.

10. Corporate balance: It can be tempting to plaster your logo all over your video.  Instead, include something simple such as a single logo at beginning and end of the video.  If you have a strong video, you will sell the viewers on your company.

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3 Video Projects Builders Can do in Under 25 Minutes

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Aug 10, 2012 8:12:00 AM

3 Video ProjectsBuilders Can do in Under 25 Minutes

Many builders are weary about creating video marketing content because of the time commitment that it requires.  Keep in mind that you are filming a video that will be five minutes long or less.  You are not filming and producing a full-length motion picture.  Your video should be short.  Think of this project as a sprint, not a marathon.

3 video project builders can doBefore you stress out about purchasing or borrowing a video camera, keep in mind that many point and shoot cameras include a video camera function.  It doesn't get much simpler than that.  Generally these videos are high quality and are easy to upload to your computer.

1. A quick interview. Brainstorm three questions to ask anyone in your building company: an executive, a CEO, a customer, or an employee.  Record their answers free-form with your camera.  You can use any simple video editing program such as Pinnacle (PC) or iMovie (Mac) to put everything together before uploading it to YouTube.  If this is a successful project, consider revisiting it later with a different employee or with follow up questions for the same person.  Before you know it, you'll have a little series going with a simple 25 minute or less time commitment per month.

2. An office video tour.  People love to get an inside view of how your company works.  Get one employee or a small group of employees to show off the place for the camera.  Pick a time to film when the office is busy so that people watching it get the full effect of your typical office life.  Most people don't have trouble imagining what desks with computers look like after all.  This video can be a great asset for potential leads, current customers, and other professionals in the building industry.  If you attend professional organization meetings and/or conferences, you may be able to use it for presentations.

3.  Projects that will be "in progress" over the course of a year. Some video projects can be filmed in 25 minutes or less but take time to gather the video footage.  For example, you might want to put together a video that outlines the different types of roofing that your company does.  It will take several months or even a year to have footage from a sufficient number of different projects.  However, you only need to spend a few minutes filming at each project to get the shoots that you need.

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