7 Traits of a Super-Converting Builder Landing Page

Posted by Wesley Powell

Oct 19, 2012 7:03:00 AM

builder landing pagesA landing page is the single web page that loads when someone clicks on an online advertisement.  Having an effective landing page can super-convert average web traffic to your builder site into a regular stream of leads for your company.  Here are 7 tips to help you ensure that your landing pages will be effective.

1.  Pass the "Once Over" Test: You want people to stay and complete the landing page.  Many people will make the decision to stay or go before the page finishes loading.  To keep people around, make sure that your page is professional and easy to complete.  They should understand what to do on the page in just a few seconds.

2. Simple Is Best: People who have reached a landing page clicked on a link to get there.  You have a good idea why they are on this page.  Use this to your advantage and keep the landing page simple, including the number of and the nature of any questions that you ask.

3. Short and Sweet: Generally people don't want to fill out 15 or 20 questions, particularly ones that require long answers, with no incentive.  Consider what questions are most important for both you and your building company customers.

4.  Consider Endorsements and Graphics: People want to make sure that the information that they submit is secure.  It's important to provide credibility.  Place a logo and/or client testimonial at eye-level in the header or in one of the margins.  They should see this information without having to scroll.

5.  Deliberately sparse: Make your landing page free from distraction.  You don't need to provide any homepage links, menus, or other places to click.  Focus on the form and the submit "button" as the only points of focus.

6.  Restate the Landing Page Value: Make sure that the landing page is logically linked to the offer button from your builder web page.  For example, you can restate what you are offering at the top of the landing page and why it is valuable with a short, bulleted list.

7.  Test and Re-Test:Read over the landing page with the eyes of an outsider.  Consider whether or not you would fill out the page, if you would be comfortable sharing the required information, and if anything on the page is confusing.  Use your answers to these questions to make changes as needed.  Don't be afraid to make additional changes later, too.
wes powell president of TMR direct

Blog Post Written by Wes Powell

Wes Powell is the President of TMR Direct. TMR Direct's desire is to provide you with the practical advice you need to be successful using direct mail and inbound marketing to generate traffic, leads, and ultimately customers.

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Landing Page Checklist for Builders

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Jul 27, 2012 7:45:00 AM

landing page checklistWhen people consider landing pages, they generally jump right to the conversion information.  Hopefully you won't be surprised to hear that writing effective content for landing pages is a huge component of conversion.  Check out the following checklist to help you create the best landing pages for your builder web site that you can.

1) Language: Keep It Action-Oriented
People will decide to click a landing page or move on in about three seconds.  You need to draw them in immediately.  Write with action verbs as much as possible.  For example, instead of writing "many customers connect with us on Twitter," consider "connect with our employees and customers on Twitter today."

2) Language: As If That Weren't Enough, Keep it Value-Oriented, Too
What will customers get out of your landing pages?  It's your job to convince them that these offers are worthwhile.  Use concise bullet point lists that pinpoint the values of your offers and explain their benefits.

3) Use Reader-Friendly Keywords
Step away from the world of SEO for a minute and consider the keywords that potential leads and building company customers will need to see to understand your content.  Reader-friendly language will keep readers clicking.  It's also important to make sure that the keywords on the landing and call-to-action pages are consistent.

4) The Power of Second Person Writing
Potential clients are more likely to work with your building company if they feel a connection to you.  Speaking directly to them will help establish this.  It also helps customers understand how your products and services will effect them directly instead of putting everything in abstract terms.

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How Builders Can Double Their Home Page Conversion

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jul 17, 2012 7:32:00 AM

double home page conversion springsWhile it is important to put effort into all aspects of your building company web site, your homepage is still your most valuable page.  It is what most people will see first when they check out your business online.  Your homepage must engage, educate, and encourage a wide variety of potential clients to check out other parts of your web site.  There are a number of issues that can negatively affect conversion and bounce rates, which will kill your lead generation and sales goals.  Here are three effective strategies for keeping your conversion and bounce rates where they need to be so you will have steady leads and sales.

1.  Providing Clear Answers to Who, What, Where, and Why

You should provide answers for these questions above the fold as much as possible.  Instead of simply talking about your building company, talk to your prospective clients in the second person.  Consider the value proposition and benefits of your headlines and sub-lines.  Instead of jumping right into lots of facts about your products and services, keep the descriptions brief with links for learning more.  If you keep the answers to these questions organized, you will guide visitors in the right direction, decreasing your bounce rate.

2.  Lead Generation Should Include Clear Call-to-Actions
Make your most popular whitepaper front and center with a strong headline and call-to-action.  Use this content to educate your prospects about your products, to position your company in the building market, and ultimately to generate more leads.  Instead of presenting multiple choices that have equal value, give visitors clear directions for what they should do first on your web site through bold and/or highlighted text.  This will guide people to make the correct clicks with as little distraction as possible.

3.  Make Your Graphics Meaningful
A number of companies use icons for different products, as you might see on a smartphone.  This can be confusing, as the icons don't always paint an accurate picture of the given products.  Instead of focusing on the icons, use the images from your most popular whitepaper and give the icons a backseat.  Ultimately the product descriptions should work with the images instead of overpowering them.

Stay away from using images just for the sake of having images.  Throwing a stock photo in at random will not enhance a homepage.  Make your choices carefully and meaningfully so that the images maximize the product descriptions.

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