4 Reasons You're Doomed Without Quality Content for Your Builder Website

Posted by Spencer Powell

Aug 27, 2012 6:55:00 AM

website-contentAll of the expert advice out there about blogging for 2012 points to one key issue: Creating quality content.  If you don't already have content in your builder web site marketing strategies for 2012, consider the following reasons for making it a priority.

1.  Facebook and Twitter Accounts Only Survive With Consistent, Quality Content
In order to stay on top of the news feeds on both Facebook and Twitter accounts, you must post regular messages with high-quality content BUT not so many messages that your accounts get flagged for spam.  It is also important to keep in mind that the average "half-life" for a Tweet is 2.8 hours and for a Facebook message is 3.2 hours.  You do want to keep posting throughout the day to keep getting noticed.  Just make sure that your posts are quality.  Avoid re-posting information and create new content as much as possible.

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How Home Builders Can Tailor Lead Nurturing Content for Different Audiences

Posted by Spencer Powell

Aug 7, 2012 8:13:00 AM

lack of content chairsSuccessful lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.  So why aren't all home builders doing this?  One of the most common reasons is a lack of content.  It is also important to consider the needs of your clients for a variety of marketing personas.  Don't let this additional content scare you.  Once you have standard marketing offers set up, you can tweak them slightly for different audiences.  Here are a few tips for this process.

Your Personas: Time to Identify Them
Hopefully you already have some idea what the personas are of your clients.  If not, consider their locations, jobs, values, and goals, and what they look for from your business.  Start to outline the different identified personas.  The number of personas can vary from 1 or 2 to over 10.  If you have a large number, consider how you can create sub-groups to make your content variations easier.  Start with these larger groups and then tailor more to individual personas later.

Consider the Best Marketing Offer for Each Sales Cycle Stage
Your lead nurturing campaigns will be even more effective if they are tailored to the individual sales cycle stages.  Most sales cycles have three stages: awareness, evaluation, and purchase.

Here are a few examples of content to provide for each stage.  Do not flip out about needing to provide all of these components for your builder clients.  Start with what you have and build from there.

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