Don't Forget The Direct Mail CTA!

Posted by James Ravetti

May 27, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Dont-forget-the-CTARead our CTA article now! See what we just did? In marketing, it is important to provide a CTA or call to action. How can we expect a customer to know what to do unless we tell them?

If people simply did what we wanted, marketing would be a fairly simple business. Unfortunately, it requires a bit more work and customers need direction, motivation and incentive to do what we want them to do. An effective CTA accomplishes these goals and should always be used in your direct mail campaign.

When crafting the perfect CTA, more effort is required on the reader’s part. Suggesting someone check out your website or follow you on Facebook isn’t enough when it comes to direct mail.

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Topics: direct mail, Marketing, call to action, CTA

Direct Mail Success: Re-thinking the 40-40-20 Rule

Posted by James Ravetti

May 21, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Direct-mail-success-rethinking-the-40-40-20-ruleFor many, many years experts have preached that the secret to direct mail success lay in following the revered “40-40-20 Rule”: 40 percent of a direct mailing’s success is dependent upon the list; 40 percent of the success comes from the offer; and 20 percent of the success is due to the creative.

Does that old axiom still hold true in the digital age, or has it gone the way of the fax machine and the 22¢ stamp?

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Topics: direct mail, Mailing Lists, call to action, DM offers, 40-40-20-rule

The AIDA Formula In Content Creation

Posted by Spencer Powell

Sep 16, 2013 5:00:00 PM

If you know markeThe AIDA Formula in Content Creationting at all (or if you’ve seen Glengarry Glen Ross), chances are you’re familiar with AIDA. It’s an acronym that breaks down a marketing campaign into five simple stages: attention, interest, desire and action. A lot of current marketers consider it to be an outdated model. So when it comes to content marketing, which completely revolutionizes modern methods of promotion, you’d think there’d be no place for such an old formula. But you’d be wrong. It can actually be very helpful to keep AIDA in mind when creating and distributing content for your brand. Here’s how.

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Topics: Content Marketing, call to action, SEO, AIDA, Glengarry Glen Ross, meta description

Is Your Direct Mail Trying to Do Too Much?

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jun 11, 2013 11:30:00 AM

Is your direct mail trying to do too muchSometimes we just ask too much out of our direct mail efforts. Budgets are tight. Resources (both financial and personnel) are scarce. We’re all trying to do more with less. It can be tempting to stretch those resources by trying to make their direct mail efforts “kill two (or more) birds with one stone.” Instead of sticking with a single well-designed purpose, with a compelling offer and a clear call to action, we pack a direct mail piece with too much information and multiple action options.

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Topics: direct mail, call to action, direct mail purpose, integrating direct mail

How to Use Content Gamification to Increase Brand Awareness

Posted by Spencer Powell

Apr 24, 2013 1:30:00 PM

How to Use Content GamificationContent gamification is currently hot news. It started with Foursquare and those badges, but ever since LinkedIn began promoting full completion of profiles on the site through a “progress bar,” every time users log in now they can see what percentage they still have to go to meet 100 percent. Essentially, they made the task a competitive activity, although you’re really only competing against yourself. So, by “gamifying” the process, LinkedIn not only increased the content on the site, but engaged its users more fully.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, call to action, brand awareness, Content gamification

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