Are You Only Telling Half Of Your Story?

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 4, 2014 8:30:00 PM

Are-you-only-telling-half-of-your-storyIt’s easy to assume that your customers and prospective customers know you better than they really do. So many times, however, that’s a faulty assumption. A lot of companies are multi-faceted: they have capabilities on a number of different levels. But their customers’ view of them can often be one-dimensional. Are you missing out on business because potential clients simply don’t know about your capabilities?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. A number of our clients are in the custom homebuilding and remodeling industry. Several of them started doing marketing with us right about the time that the new housing market went into the tank. What a terrible time to be marketing homebuilders, right?

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Topics: Case Studies, Builder-remodeler marketing, communicate capabilities

Using the Buying Cycle To Create Effective Targeted Content

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jan 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM

Using-the-Buying-Cycle-to-Create-Effective-Targeted-ContentHere’s a pop quiz: What’s the purpose of creating content for your brand? Is it to drive people to your site? To generate leads? To increase sales? Or to stay on customers’ radars after they’ve made their purchases, so that they’ll buy from you again next time? The answer is, of course, all of the above. There are all different things you can use your content for. And each of those uses requires you to have a different type of content. So how can you plan your content for maximum effect at all levels? Our friends at HubSpot suggest that you link your content to the five stages of the buying cycle, in order to stay connected with customers throughout the entire process. 

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Making Inbound Marketing Work: Combining New Technology and Old-School Follow Up

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jun 25, 2012 10:42:00 AM

new school technology old school follow up resized 600All the talk about inbound marketing and using the Web to generate leads for your business may lead you to think that technology is the most important part of marketing today. The good news is that technology–specifically technology related to the Internet—has actually made marketing more personal and helpful—if it’s done properly.

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Topics: White Pages, Case Studies, Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing is Direct Marketing

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jan 19, 2011 9:40:00 AM

Direct MarketingYou may be familiar with the term inbound marketing and you may not be!  Inbound marketing is defined by Wikipedia as a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.  You want to be found by your customers today because customers search for the products and services they want.  Where do they search?...the web of course!  So, why do I say inbound marketing is direct marketing?  Let me explain...

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Offers, Case Studies, Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing Case Studies: Why Should Your Customers Believe You?

Posted by Wes Powell

Oct 28, 2010 2:21:00 PM

Direct Marketing Case StudiesWe’ve all heard the stories about the stories that fishermen tell. The fish (especially the ones that got away) get bigger with each telling. We laugh when we talk about fishermen, but is this how your customers view you? Do you talk big about what you can do for them—only to disappoint them later? Or do you under-promise and over-deliver?

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Topics: Case Studies, content creation

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