Contribution Marketing – Spreading Your Message By Making a Difference

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 25, 2014 12:15:00 PM

Contribution-Marketing-Spreading-Your-Message-by-Making-a-DifferenceThe public has always been wary of marketers. We don’t have the best reputation—obviously, promoting our product to you means all we want is to separate you from your money. We interrupt the program you’re watching in order to force our message on you, and we’ll say anything, true or not, if it means getting your attention for 30 seconds. In the public’s eyes, we are evil, soulless people.

One of the things content marketing seeks to do is to change that line of thinking. Instead of interrupting the content people want in order to give them our message, we find ways of turning our message into the content people want. Through the Internet, we’ve been able to create an entirely new paradigm for brand promotion.

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