3 Fundamental Elements to a Great CTA Button

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Sep 4, 2012 1:36:00 PM

 1) Context

Make sure your call-to-action button is relevant to the content on the page. Hubspot's blog does a great job at this by having unique offers that match up to whatever is on the page. The more relevant the offer and your call-to-action button is, the greater the odds someone will want to click it.

context cta buttons
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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Converting Web Traffic, CTA Buttons, a/b testing

6 Signs Your Prospect Wants to Leave Your Website Without Converting

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 10, 2011 8:57:00 AM

Website Conversion1.  Your website is static - Have you made any changes to your website in the last month? The last 6? A website should be a moving, breathing active being.  It can help you generate leads and sales for your business, but you need to have fresh content on a regular basis.  As easy way to do this is to have your blog or twitter account streaming through your website.  Also, you can add a news feed to your home page and update it with industry news or company news.

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Topics: Converting Web Traffic, Website Conversion

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