4 Direct Mail Tips to Get a Higher ROI

Posted by Wes Powell

Oct 3, 2016 5:05:00 AM

X-Bulk-Mail-Tips-to-Get-a-Higher-ROI.jpgThere was a time, not all that long ago, when direct mail best practices involved huge mailing lists and a steady stream of repeated mailings. Some industries (Credit card companies, for instance) still do that because the economies of scale they enjoy allow them to mail huge volumes and get a relatively small return on investment. For most businesses, however, that’s just not practical anymore. Printing, postage, and mailing costs are simply too high to justify low rates of return.

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3 Ways to Increase Direct Mail Results

Posted by Wes Powell

Sep 13, 2016 7:00:00 AM

3-Ways-to-Increase-Direct-Mail-Results.jpgYou don’t have to live with unsatisfactory results from your direct mail efforts. Just being unhappy, however, isn’t going to change anything. You have to take some action.

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How Big Does My Direct Mailing Have to Be to Be Effective?

Posted by James Ravetti

Apr 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

How-big-does-my-mailing-have-to-be-to-be-effectiveFor many businesses the days of massive direct mailings are over. The increased costs of printing and postage for large direct mail efforts are simply prohibitive. But does the size of a mailing really matter—or can direct mail be effective on a smaller scale?

Let’s be clear about something: When you reduce a mailing from 100,000 pieces down to 5,000 pieces you lose economies of scale. Your per-piece costs for services such as creative, design, printing, and mailing can go up pretty dramatically.

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Why Your Direct Mail Isn’t Working (Hint: It’s Not Due To Old Technology)

Posted by James Ravetti

Feb 7, 2013 6:30:00 AM

direct-mail, direct-mail-ROI, Direct-Marketing-StrategyMarketers know that direct mail is so “last century.” It’s just not effective anymore. The folks at Rochester Institute of Technology would beg to differ. On their Print in the Mix portal they claim that, “direct mail continues to deliver as consumers' preferred means of receiving marketing messages, with six out of 10 Americans reporting they ‘enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.’" They also report that donors are three times more likely to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal than they are to an e-appeal. And they assert that direct mail gives B2C direct-response marketers the strongest ROI for customer contact, retention and acquisition.

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Topics: direct mail, direct mail ROI, Direct Marketing Strategy

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