How to Write the Worst Builder Blog Post Ever

Posted by Jimmy Donnellon

Sep 12, 2012 7:26:00 AM

how to write worst blog post everInstead of focusing on all of the things that you can do to have the best builder blog post ever, this article is all about the worst things that you can do when writing blog posts.  If you aren't worried about establishing yourself as an expert in the field, creating SEO, and building a solid builder client base, these are the tips that you need.

1. Write a headline that puts you to sleep. But seriously...your headline should entice your builder audience to read more, capture the audience's attention, and provide a short explanation of what they will be learning in the article.

2. Discuss your products and services exclusively.  Don't forget to mention how wonderful they are.  All the time.  But seriously...your builder clients already know how great your business is and are here to learn more about the industry.

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