Google+ Hangouts – Streaming Live Content For Brand Promotion

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jul 28, 2013 5:30:00 PM

Google  Hangouts Streaming Live Content for Brand PromotionSocial media is an effective marketing tool that lets you interact directly with your target audience and establish meaningful connections. Videos are also an effective marketing tool that let you communicate content visually to your audience. And now there’s a tool that lets you combine both: Google+ Hangouts. They’re designed for making group video calls and facilitating conversations across long distances. But they’re also very effective in marketing.

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Why “Marketing” Is Considered a Dirty Word – And Why It Shouldn’t Be

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jun 25, 2013 4:40:00 PM

Why Marketing Is Considered a Dirty Word and Why It Shouldn't BeThe late Bill Hicks had a comedy routine, wherein he expressed in no uncertain terms, exactly what he thought of the marketing profession. “If any of you here tonight are in marketing or advertising,” he said, “Kill yourself.” Harsh words from a man who in his day was considered by many to be a philosopher and a sage. And though most don’t specifically agree with his directive, plenty of people today share Mr. Hicks’ underlying sentiment that marketing is about nothing more than attaching a dollar sign to everything and anything possible: seeing every person as a potential sale and every situation as an opportunity for advertising.

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Topics: Content Marketing, YouTube, George Takei, Kickstarter, Hank Green, Bill Hicks, Mad Men, vlogbrothers, John Green, Facebook Topics

What Kickstarter Means For Content’s Future

Posted by Amanda Bray

May 20, 2013 11:30:00 AM

What Kickstarter Means for the Future of ContentVeronica Mars was a TV show that aired on UPN in the mid-2000s. It ran three seasons before it was unceremoniously cancelled due to lagging ratings. The show had a very loyal cult following who wanted to see it go on. The producers had ideas for a movie. But there was no way the studio would ever agree to such a risky project, so that was pretty much the end of it. Until March of this year.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Veronica Mars, Amanda Palmer, Cyanide & Happiness, crowdfunding, Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, Kickstarter

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