Who To Have On Your Inbound Marketing Team

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jul 21, 2013 5:15:00 AM

Who to Have on Your Inbound Marketing TeamParticularly if your brand is small, you may be tempted to handle all your content promotion yourself. How hard can it be, after all? Manage a Facebook page, post a blog every now and then… How many people do you need? Well, it depends. If your goal is to cut costs while still going through the basic motions of an inbound marketing campaign, then you can probably get by with being a jack of all trades.

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How Should Builders Spend Their Time on Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Aug 24, 2012 7:34:00 AM

builder inbound marketing chainLike all marketers, builders only have a few hours each week to use for inbound marketing. It is difficult to prioritize all of the different marketing strategies in this small amount of time. Here is a general breakdown you can follow to make this prioritization process easier.

40%: Blogging and Content Creation
The most important component of inbound marketing is content creation. If you don't have quality builder content, the other marketing strategies will not be very effective. Every blog post increases the indexed page volume of your builder site and your important keyword ranking ability. Your blog posts also create tempting link bait and engage your customers, subscribers, industrial professional, potential leads, and more.

30%: Landing Pages and Call-to-Action
Compelling offers will encourage your visitors to take the next step, which will turn your builder web site into a lead generating machine. Your calls-to-action should be direct, bold, clickable, and action oriented. Your most popular blog posts should have a minimum of two-calls-to-action. One should be at the end of the post. Additionally, you can include calls-to-action in your e-mail marketing. More offers equals more chances for lead conversion.

20%: Link Building
High quality inbound links are important for search engines as well as web sites. They help establish authority and importance for search engines, which will mean higher search engine rankings for your builder web site.

Here are several link building strategies:
  1. Create quality link bait. Your unique, insightful blog posts will encourage back links.
  2. Get engaged. Join in conversations on social media and blogs, particularly those who are in the building industry.
  3. Use a Link Grader. Check the HubSpot Link Grader to see what domains have links to your competitors and to see if there are any opportunities for your builder web site.
  4. Submit to directories. Submit your site to quality web directories such as Yahoo! Directory.

10%: Social Media
There are so many social media networks and bookmarking sites now: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, YouTube, Delicious, StumbleUpon...the list just goes on and on. It is easy to get overwhelmed. However, it is worth spending a small amount of time on social media every week to help with marketing and business goals. You can use social media to create brand awareness, build online relationships, get quality feedback, and get more web site traffic. Even a few small social media steps can make a big difference in your overall marketing plan.
taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com

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20 Major Website Directories to Submit Your Website To

Posted by Spencer Powell

May 26, 2012 9:02:00 AM

20 website directories to submit your website toUsing website directories is a great method for building links back to your website. This can provide you with a lot more exposure on the internet.  It also helps your search engine optimization (SEO). The more links the better, and using website directories is one of the most cost effective methods of online marketing.  However, knowing where to submit your website can be a challenge.

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