“It’s Too Expensive!” – 4 Objections Bosses Have About Content Marketing And How To Change Their Minds

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jan 27, 2014 5:45:00 PM

Its-Too-Expensive-4-Objections-Your-Boss-Has-About-Content-Marketing-and-How-to-Change-Their-MindIt’s a new year, which means a new budget. So it’s time once again to renew your pleas to your boss, to let you have some money for a quality content marketing strategy. And once again, it’s time for your boss to ignore your requests and tell you that it’s too expensive. There simply isn’t the money for such nonsense!

But you can’t just let it go at that. You know that content marketing is the most effective way to promote your brand. You just need to be able to convince your boss of it. So here are 4 common objections that CEOs and other executives have to content marketing, and what you can say in response. 

  1. “It’s not worth the money!” Content marketing is new, which tends to mean more money spent. Your boss isn’t about to pour company resources into some hair-brained scheme. How do you even tell if it’s working, anyway? “So we’ve got a blog. Can you really measure its success in terms of sales?” Yes. Not only does content marketing produce better, more accurate statistics for measuring ROI than traditional forms of marketing, but content also produces better overall results, for considerably less money.
  2. “It’s just a fad!” Creating a brand new marketing strategy for your brand is a big commitment of time and resources. Every other week, some new approach is touted as the greatest marketing tactic since sliced bread. Your company isn’t going to overhaul its entire strategy to implement some technique that everyone will forget about soon afterwards. But content marketing isn’t just some passing fad. It’s here to stay. It’s been building up momentum for years, and is rapidly becoming a mainstream marketing method. So if your company doesn’t get onboard soon, it’ll be left behind by those who do.
  3. “This content is irrelevant to our brand!” So you start a blog. You give people advice about how to do certain things. You keep them informed about the latest news and events in your industry. It’s a nice thing to do for people, but what good is it to your company? Where’s the part where you say, “This is our company! This is our product! You should buy it!”? And how will people know to buy from you if you don’t say that? In fact, that sort of blatant, in-your-face advertising is exactly what people don’t want. It turns people off and drives them away from your brand. But content marketing targets the people who are already looking to buy your type of product. It engages them and steers them towards your company without hitting them over the head with branding. By providing them with the content they need, it creates a face the customer can trust, and will thus be more willing to buy from in the long run.
  4. “The marketing strategy we’ve got works just fine!” So content can help you make sales. But you’ve already got a traditional marketing strategy in place. It’s served you well for years. It brings in new customers perfectly well. Why change things? Because “perfectly well” isn’t really good enough. Your company is under constant pressure from its investors to improve sales. Content marketing can increase your company’s growth much more effectively than traditional marketing tactics.
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How To Design a Suitable Digital Marketing Budget

Posted by Spencer Powell

Mar 24, 2013 1:06:00 PM

how to design a suitable digital marketing budgetWith so many different digital marketing strategies to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide where and how to allocate your budget. Deciding how much your business can comfortably spend on marketing is only a small part of the process. You need to dig deeper and identify your goals, research the most promising channels, and break down your expenditures.

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Stuff Business Owners Should Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jan 21, 2013 6:30:00 AM

marketing-dollars, marketing-budget, marketing-agencyFew businesses can escape the need for marketing. According to some estimates, Nike spent around $2 billion on marketing last year alone. But for everyone who doesn’t have a few hundred million dollars to spare for advertising, making the most of what you have is crucial. That’s why more small businesses are turning towards marketing agencies.

Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

Contrary to many expectations, marketing agencies may help you save money in the long run. Marketing your business is a must, and a professional marketing firm knows exactly where and how to invest each of your dollars to maximize their benefit to you. They’ve got educations in marketing and years of experience in the business. They know how to be maximally effective with their time and have the resources and connections on hand to do so. Furthermore, never underestimate the value of an outside perspective that a third party can bring to your business. Not only does your inside perspective often keep your thinking “inside the box,” but a marketing agency—that works for your business gives it a unique vantage point from which to dispense the best possible bias-free advice.

What Else?

Any first rate marketing firm will pride itself on keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, meaning that they will know which social media websites are going to give your type of business the best returns, how to appeal to a company’s specific demographics and how to tap into markets that your business may be missing out on. Ever wonder why so many businesses outsource their legal needs to a law firm, as opposed to taking on a staff lawyer? As a business owner, externally hiring people, or “outsourcing,” enables you to expense your tax returns. Hiring a marketing agency is no different. 

How To Pick a Marketing Agency

You could spend hours reading about exactly how to pick the right marketing agency, but for the short and sweet version, there are a few main tenants of consideration. First of all, don’t fall into the misconception that you need an agency with experience in your industry. While it doesn’t hurt to have prior experience, it’s far from necessary. Agencies that do have prior experience or specialize in one niche of marketing are usually excellent at what they do, but that niche experience can also mean that the agency has a fairly small repartee or frequently sells the same marketing again and again. It’s crucial to find a program that can meet your precise needs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. 

While cost is obviously an important consideration, don’t be drawn in by expensive or inexpensive depictions of per-hour rates, because these rates are usually misleading and often irrelevant. Experienced marketers might charge five times the rate of an inexperienced marketer, but may get the job done ten times as fast and just as well as a novice. The best way to approach the cost question is to have budget parameters going into your selection and to constantly get cost estimates for each and every project you sign off on. Most important, make sure to have realistic expectations about the cost and returns long before any contracts are signed.

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