The AIDA Formula In Content Creation

Posted by Spencer Powell

Sep 16, 2013 5:00:00 PM

If you know markeThe AIDA Formula in Content Creationting at all (or if you’ve seen Glengarry Glen Ross), chances are you’re familiar with AIDA. It’s an acronym that breaks down a marketing campaign into five simple stages: attention, interest, desire and action. A lot of current marketers consider it to be an outdated model. So when it comes to content marketing, which completely revolutionizes modern methods of promotion, you’d think there’d be no place for such an old formula. But you’d be wrong. It can actually be very helpful to keep AIDA in mind when creating and distributing content for your brand. Here’s how.

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Topics: Content Marketing, call to action, SEO, AIDA, Glengarry Glen Ross, meta description

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