Builder and Remodeler Internet Marketing: Are you A/B Testing??

Posted by Jimmy Donnellon

Oct 5, 2012 7:12:00 AM

builders remodelrs internet marketingA/B testing is a marketing testing method where a control sample or baseline is compared to any number of single-variable test samples.  This allows marketers to improve their response rates.  If you can't remember the last time you tested part of your marketing, it's time to step it up and consider some testing methods.  Here are some of the top do's and don'ts of A/B testing to get you started.

Do test tons of variables.  Just don't try them all at once.  The possible variables for AB/testing are endless.  Just make sure that you only have one variable per test.  Otherwise you will have a very hard time determining if one test subject was more successful than another.

Do start with simple tests.  There is nothing wrong with starting with a small test and working your way up.  A simple test could be testing a CTA button size or color.  These simple tests may even have significant results.  However, don't be afraid to move to more advanced tests later as you gain experience with A/B testing.

Do have a test running all the time.  If you have adequate bandwidth, you can even run two tests simultaneously, such as a layout on one page and a CTA on another page.  Running two tests simultaneously will help you to optimize your builder or remodeler marketing more quickly.

Don't limit your testing to one marketing channel.  While you have a test running on one marketing channel, such as a blog, you can run a another test on a different marketing channel, such as your building company's Facebook page.  Make sure that you use the appropriate metrics for each channel.

Do analyze whether statistics are significant or not instead of simply assuming that they are.  It is easy to assume that all statistics will be significant.  This isn't always the case, so make sure that you analyze before applying the results to your marketing strategies.

Don't give up if they are not significant.  Not all of your test results will be significant.  This doesn't mean that you did the tests incorrectly or that there is necessarily anything wrong with your marketing techniques.

Do make changes based on your test results.  It isn't enough to run the tests.  Now you have to take your new found knowledge and apply it to your marketing.  Again, if your results weren't significant, don't give up!  Simple move on to testing a new variable.

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Remodeler Internet Marketing: Focus on Quality over Quantity of Leads

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Sep 14, 2012 7:45:00 AM

remodeler internet marketingOne of the biggest things that drives remodeler inbound marketers is the number of leads that they generate.  The more leads that you generate, the more customers that you generate, which means that you're consistently focusing on increasing your leads.  However, at some point, many markets become saturated or you've simply tapped out your current resources.

Don't give up!  Put your focus on the quality of your leads.  Instead of working on increasing your leads, work on increasing the percentage of leads that you convert into new remodeling clients.  Here are four steps you can take to ensure your success with this task.

1.  How to Create Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content
The first step is to create middle of the funnel content to aide your lead nurturing.  This content is specific to your industry and provides information about how your industry relates to your product.  For example, create an ebook about a remodeling technique your company uses that overcame a challenge in the remodeling industry.  It is easy to focus on the top of the funnel content that is primarily educational and neglect this middle content.  Strive for a balance for your customers.

2.  Closing the Most Customers: Which Events Do This?
If you are using closed-loop marketing, analyze the data about offers and events to see when customers close.  As these offers and events generate the most wholesome leads, it is important to focus on them.  Make these offers and events your priority and spend less time on the ones that are not as effective.

3.  Calls-to-Action (CTA): Promoting High Closing Events
Now that you know what offers and events have the highest conversion, it's time to promote them.  One excellent method of promotion is CTAs.  There are numerous places to use CTAs including e-mails, landing pages, blog posts, and any other locations on your web site such as the home page.  Consider using and/or including free demos.  Your CTAs should be as accessible as possible to give potential leads every opportunity possible.

4.  Sales Team: How To Collaborate and Communicate to Focus on Specific Leads
If everything has been set up properly, your sales team will be able to focus primarily on increasing the percentage instead of trying to nurture clients who aren't interested or simply build the number of leads for the sack of the numbers.  Make the effort to collaborate and communicate with your sales team regularly to ensure that this is happening.

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