Dishonest Social Media – Why Buying Clicks And Followers Isn’t the Way To Go

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 21, 2014 5:45:00 AM

Dishonest-Social-Media-Why-Buying-Clicks-And-Followers-Isnt-the-Way-to-GoPromoting your brand can seem like a long, arduous process at times. Social media marketing alone is a fulltime job. You have to maintain your presence and your image at all times. You constantly need to be connecting with fans and with other companies in order to build a following. You need to come up with interesting and unique content to post in addition to your blogs and other regular content. Then you need to repeat all of that work for every social media channel on which your brand has a presence, since a cookie cutter approach isn’t engaging. It’s a lot of work, and it can take a long time to yield any visible results. Isn’t there an easier way?

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Topics: Twitter, Social Media Marketing, Hubspot, Facebook, selling followers

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