Using Messaging Apps For Marketing

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jan 16, 2014 11:45:00 AM

Using-Messaging-Apps-for-MarketingSmartphones, tablets and other types of mobile devices have opened up a whole range of new opportunities for communicating. Which means they’ve also opened up a whole range of new opportunities for promoting your brand. In particular, there’s the rise of messaging apps as a new form of social media.

For instance, there’s Kik Messenger, which combines social media, texting, and IM, allowing you to converse and share content with your friends, privately and mobilely, either one-on-one or in groups. Or Snapchat, which lets you send photo messages to friends in short bursts that last no longer than 10 seconds before disappearing. These messaging apps eliminate the walls and newsfeeds and connect people directly with their social circles. They enable the things their users want, like messaging and sharing content, while eliminating a lot of the extraneous features of other social media platforms. And they’re quickly going from a novelty to a mainstream social media tool. According to a number of experts, these apps represent the future of how people are connecting with one another. Messaging apps are here to stay.

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Picking Your Battles – Choosing the Right Social Networks To Promote Your Brand

Posted by Spencer Powell

Sep 22, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Picking Your Battles Choosing the Right Social Networks to Promote Your BrandThere are tons of social networking sites out there. There’s Facebook and Twitter, of course, at the top of the ladder, with Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and others below them, and a number of smaller, more specialized sites below that. If you want to succeed in marketing, having a social media presence is essential. But where should you focus that presence? Even if you have a fulltime social media guru on your inbound marketing team, whose sole job is to maintain all of your social networks, there are just too many to cover them all effectively. Social networking is about personal interaction and communication with your followers. The more networks you have to juggle, the less time you have to spend on them individually, and the more impersonal each one becomes.

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