How IKEA Successfully Integrated Its Direct Mail with Digital Channels

Posted by Spencer Powell

Mar 27, 2015 2:00:00 PM

How-IKEA-Successfully-Integrated-Its-Direct-Mail-with-Digital-ChannelsThe words on every marketer’s lips these days are multi-channel marketing (MCM). This means the use of a combination of channels for reaching your target audience, and it works well when it incorporates traditional methods of direct marketing. As part of IKEA’s comprehensive integrated marketing plan, the furniture giant recently set out to “re-invigorate” the mailbox by leveraging digital channels.

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Topics: Content Marketing, direct mail, social media, Direct Marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, multiplied impact of multi-channel marketing

How the Financial Services Industry Uses Direct Mail to Reach Consumers

Posted by Wes Powell

Mar 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM

How-the-Financial-Services-Industry-Uses-Direct-Mail-to-Reach-ConsumersEvery industry uses marketing methods in different ways, and sometimes there are benefits to be gained from knowing what others are doing. The financial services industry makes good use of direct mail, particularly when marketing to millennials. This flies in the face of current thinking that younger audiences are only reachable through digital marketing channels, so we took a look at how the industry is doing it and how well it’s working.

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Topics: Content Marketing, direct mail, social media, Direct Marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, multiplied impact of multi-channel marketing

Is Your Direct Mail Sinking in a Social Media-Driven World?

Posted by Spencer Powell

Nov 29, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Is-Your-Direct-Mail-Sinking-in-a-Social-Media-Driven-WorldWith the intense focus on everything social these days, you might be wondering whether there’s still a place for direct mail in a social media-driven world. The answer is yes, if it’s done right. So what does “doing it right” actually mean, and how do you navigate the waters of the social seas without sinking? Don’t panic – there are ways to do it that will bring you a return on your direct marketing investment.

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Topics: direct mail, social media, Direct Marketing, Facebook

Content Marketing Trumps the Super Bowl – Part 2

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Content-Marketing-Trumps-the-Super-Bowl-Part-2The Super Bowl is probably the biggest marketing event of the year—so much so that we couldn’t cover all the brilliant content marketing tactics in a single blog post. Yesterday, we talked about how Doritos and SodaStream used online content to promote their Super Bowl ads. Today, we present two more companies, who switched things up and used the Super Bowl to promote their online content.

Newcastle Brown Ale – If We Made It

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Topics: Content Marketing, Twitter, social media, Super Bowl, hashtags, Newcastle, Esurance, Keyshawn Johnson, Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski

It’s Official: Content and Social Media Trump the Super Bowl for Marketing Power – Part 1

Posted by Spencer Powell

Feb 7, 2014 8:00:00 PM

Its-Official-Content-and-Social-Media-Trump-the-Super-Bowl-for-Marketing-Power-Part-1We’ve often talked about how traditional forms of advertisements such as TV commercials are no longer effective. People mute them, change the channel, or just don’t pay attention to them. But there’s one magical time of year when that’s not true: the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl Ad phenomenon is truly a stroke of marketing genius. Everyone looks forward to them—even those who don’t necessarily watch football. They’re clever, funny, have high production values, and often feature A-list celebrities. In fact, ads are so widely viewed that 30 seconds of Super Bowl airtime this year cost companies about $4 million.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Twitter, social media, hashtags, Scarlett Johansson, Doritos, SodaStream

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