7 Social Media Mistakes Remodelers are Making

Posted by Taylor Vowell

Oct 8, 2012 7:20:00 AM

social media mistakes remodelers makeEven if you use social media for your remodeling business on a regular basis, it is a relatively new marketing technique, so you most likely haven't been doing it for very long.  It is easy to make mistakes, especially when you are starting out.  However, it is important to learn from your mistakes and make improvements anywhere that you can.  Here are seven mistakes that you can easily fix, all of which are free and require very little time.

1) Not using the accounts that you set up: Nothing says that a company does not have their act together more than a poorly tended web site or social media account.  Customers will not be impressed with a Twitter account that only has 4 tweets from 3 months ago.  Use all of your social media accounts regularly.

2) Not linking back to your web site in social profiles: One of the easiest ways to get customers to visit your web site from a social media profile is a link in the profile.  Can it get much easier than that?

3) Not claiming your accounts: There are only so many possible user names available on any given social network.  Make sure that you get your account claimed with your remodeling company name as soon as you can before someone else takes it.

4) Not separately business and personal accounts: As a remodeling business company owner, do not use your personal Facebook or Twitter account to market your company.  You will lose friends and not gain customers.  Post business related information on your designated business social media accounts.

5) Not asking people to engage: Research shows that one of the most effective ways to get people to participate in social media is to ask them directly.  If you've just created a Facebook page for your remodeling company, write a blog post about it in which you ask customers to "like" the page.

6) Not including pictures and links, including your profile: Customers want to see a profile picture and at least one company link within a social media profile.  Include photos and links social media updates on a regular basis as well.

7) Not posting updates with content:While we all think messages with funny cat photos or baby videos are amusing, these will not engage customers on a long term basis.  Provide regular updates about new company products, services, and more.
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Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

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