Buzzfeed’s Social Media Party Etiquette Part 1 – Don’ts

Posted by Spencer Powell

Jul 25, 2013 11:00:00 AM

Buzzfeeds Social Media Party Etiquette Part 1 DontsEarlier this year, Jeff Greenspan and Mike Lacher of the popular viral content site Buzzfeed, gave an important talk at the Social Media Week conference in New York, on how to use social media for marketing in a way that’s effective and appealing to your audience. They advised marketers to treat social media like a party and abide by the same rules of etiquette that they would in that situation, including a list of dos and a list of don’ts. The talk had a tremendous amount of useful advice, to the point where, in order to cover it all, we’re splitting it up into two posts. First up is the don’ts. Here’s a rundown of Jeff and Mike’s list of social media party faux pas.

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Topics: Social Media Marketing, Buzzfeed, Jeff Greenspan, Mike Lacher, Social Media Week, party, etiquette, microsite

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