Written.com’s New Approach To Content

Posted by Spencer Powell

Dec 26, 2013 6:30:00 AM

Written.coms-New-Approach-to-ContentThe rules of content marketing are relatively simple. You create content—blogs, articles, white papers, videos, etc.—that’s targeted at the people whom you want to buy your products or services. You include specific keywords that those potential customers are likely to be searching for and build your content around them, so that the next time they search for those keywords, your website will appear in the results, and you can draw people to your site.

These are the basics, and if you’ve done any content marketing at all, you’re at least somewhat familiar with them. But now, a site called Written.com has set out to turn those rules around and create a whole new approach to content marketing. Rather than creating content and using it to build up a following, their strategy is to find content that’s already popular and connect the creators with companies who will pay to use it to promote their brand.

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